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There’s A Pinball Themed Bar Hidden in Singapore’s Tourist Trap Tech Mall

Pinball Wizard takes you out of the reality of Sim Lim Square into a timeless retro-future world tinged with nostalgia.
Sharon Shum
Aditya Mirchandani
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I Have Mental Health Issues. I Wish My Singaporean Family Took Them Seriously.

"I was desperate to fix myself but didn’t know how."
Jess Ho
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What It Takes to Run Asia’s Largest Festival on a Cruise Ship

Splash in money and sit on the lap of luxury on It’s The Ship.
Sharon Shum

We Meet The Female Truck Driver Gaining Popularity in Japan

24-year-old Yukino Takanashi speaks to VICE about how she got into trucking and what it's like to work in a male-dominated industry.
Joji Nishino
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Southeast Asian Experimental Music Is Growing Overground

As regional artists increasingly come together, more than ever, experimental music is about rebuilding connections - to other humans, and to our histories.
Sharon Shum

Fast Fashion’s Secret to Supersonic Delivery in Southeast Asia

I visited a fashion e-commerce warehouse to find out how online shopping these days arrives so quick.
Sharon Shum

This Singapore Restaurant Is Perfect For Date Night Or a Friends Gathering

One of the key indicators of being a full-fledged Functional Adult™ is having a list of fuss-free go-to restaurants for group dinners. Kilo Kitchen should be part of that list.
Sharon Shum

A Hindu Tamil Practice Where Believers Prove Their Faith Through Piercings

At first glance, the Thaipusam festival might seem more like a body modification convention than religious practice.
Sharon Shum

An Art Show Featuring Lucy Liu Lets Lonely Objects Speak To Each Other

“Would you like to go check out that art exhibition featuring Lucy Liu? Yeah - that Lucy Liu!"
Sharon Shum

Japanese Tattoo Masters Speak Up on the Complicated Relationship Between Art and Politics

We sat down with Nisacco and Gakkin, two of Japan's most celebrated blackwork tattoo artists today.
Sharon Shum

How Sexual and Reproductive Rights are Essential to Achieving Gender Equality

We need to do something about these horrifying violations of inalienable human rights.
Sharon Shum

A Shirkers' Trip With Filmmaker Sandi Tan Around 90s Singapore

The award-winning filmmaker reminisces on her childhood and takes VICE Asia through her favorite teenage hangouts.
Sharon Shum