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These Filipino Women Have Never Had Boyfriends and They Couldn’t Be Happier

Singledom has become so popular in the Philippines that women are now reclaiming the term "No Boyfriend Since Birth."
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3 days ago
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My Life as a K-Pop Idol Was Stifling. Here’s What Finally Made Me Quit.

“I started to make a lot of money and people started recognising me, but because I was not being myself, the more money that came in, the lower my self-esteem got.”
Holidays 2019

How a Song From the 90s Became the Philippines’ Unofficial Christmas Anthem

While snowfall or stockings on display mark the holiday season for other countries, in tropical Philippines, it's a song by veteran singer Jose Mari Chan that takes over homes, malls, and parties.
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Hosting the SEA Games Was Supposed to Bring Filipinos Together. Instead it’s Tearing Us Apart

Some of us are worried about corruption. Others are angry at anyone unnationalistic enough to worry.
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What it’s Like to Write, Direct, and Shoot All Your Own Porn

We spoke to an "independent porn star" based in the Philippines. She told us how she got into this industry, how she makes money, and what friends and family think of her profession.
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Natashya Gutierrez
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Landslide Victory for Pro-Democracy Candidates in Hong Kong’s District Council Elections

“It felt like a very small form of justice for all that's happened, and showed the world how our government and the pro-establishment camp do not represent the will of the people," a Hong Konger said.
Aditya Mirchandani
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Hate K-Pop? I Did Too… Until I Turned Into a Super Fan.

It was a rude awakening to find that I was missing out on an entirely different pop culture universe.
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What Ever Happened to Imelda Marcos’ 3,000 Pairs of Shoes?

If there’s one thing the world knows about the Philippines’ infamous First Lady, it’s that she can’t say “no” to a pair of shoes. But where are they now?
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Stop Blaming Developing Countries for the World’s Plastic Problem

Prevailing views of an exotic, dirty Asia is hurting the environment. In reality, rich western countries are just as much—if not more—at fault.
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I’m a Queer Asian Woman Director. Here’s Why Films Matter.

"There was always a disconnect between who I knew I was, versus the lesbians portrayed on screen. They were always hyperbutch, so it was hard for me to reconcile my identity with what media said a lesbian is."
Samantha Lee
Environmental Extremes

Houses on Stilts, Boats as Transport: What it's Like Living in This Sinking Philippine Town

Global warming and the misuse of water resources have caused perpetual flooding in this coastal village, forcing residents to adapt in unusual ways.
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