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A Marriage Ceremony for Rocks Is a Hotspot for Creatives in This Indonesian Village

Rocks are matched up and “wedded” at this bizarre cultural display.
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Inside Indonesia’s Interdimensional ‘Possession’ Dance Festival

While you’re busy collecting Pokemon, they’re hunting down spirits.
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Indonesian Men Go Head-to-Head in Competitive Train-Pulling Tournaments

Railroad workers, porters, and construction workers measure their strength in this colossal showdown.
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Only Seven Families Are Allowed to Live in This 'Cursed' Indonesian Village

Residents of Pitu believe their land is sacred, allowing only their direct descendants to reside there.
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This Archeologist Says He's Got Proof That Atlantis Sunk Into the Java Sea

Using ancient stories and "conversations with ancestors," the founder of Atlantis-obsessed group says he's cracked the codes that led him closer to the lost civilization.
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DIY Spirit Is the Only Thing Moving Indonesia's Alcohol Scene Forward

In response to tight regulations on alcohol distribution, people have started to produce their own safe—and most importantly cheap—booze in their backyard.
Adi Renaldi
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Indonesian Voters Want DILDO This Presidential Election

Ignore all the drama about this being a two horse race because DILDO is pulling ahead for a stunning upset.
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A Night at Indonesia's Anti-Tinder, Where Young Couples Go to Find Their One True Love

Golek Garwo is like Muslim speed dating, but in the end you end up married.
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10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Concert Security Guard

What ever happens to all those confiscated cigarettes?
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20 Years of Reformasi

Here's Everything I Learned From a Visit to a Museum Celebrating Suharto's Legacy

Twenty years after his fall, I went to a museum built by his family to see how they want us all to remember Indonesia's former dictator.
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What It Takes to Rise to the Top of Indonesia's Amateur Dangdut Circuit

"It's hard to be a popular dangdut singer if you don't wear the sexy outfits or do the erotic dance moves. Most of my audience are horny men."
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Yogyakarta's New Airport Construction Project is Evicting Entire Villages

An inside look at the high cost of progress.
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