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Troy Farah is an independent journalist and photographer from the Southwest with a focus on drug policy, science, and insects. His reporting has appeared in Smithsonian, Undark, Discover, The Outline, and others. He is a co-host of the drug-themed podcast Narcotica ( and his website is 

Tech news

Weed and AI Can Help Us Find New Ways to Get Stoned

There's a lot more going on in cannabis than THC and CBD, and AI is helping us identify new compounds that could be used therapeutically or to catch a different buzz.
Troy Farah
2 days ago

Scientists Discover Two New Cannabinoids

THCP and CBDP demonstrate how much more we have to learn from studying marijuana.
Troy Farah

A Company Is Sending Cannabis and Coffee to Space to See if They Mutate

Front Range Biosciences is flying hemp and coffee aboard a SpaceX mission in March.
Troy Farah
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Startup Says It's Making Odorless Weed

A Canadian company says it's trying to make weed less dank.
Troy Farah

Researchers Find Unexpected White Blood Cells in Patients With Mysterious Vaping Illness

New studies show that a rare type of macrophage is tied to several patients who have come down with the mysterious illness.
Troy Farah
The High Life

Why Do Edibles Give You A Different High Than Smoking?

The scientific explanation, plus how to avoid a bad edibles experience.
Troy Farah

Silicon Valley Is Spending Millions Trying to Synthesize THC From Yeast

Startups are growing THC, CBD, and "unnatural cannabinoids" from yeast. But some scientists say yeast-grown compounds will never compete with the real plant.
Troy Farah
The High Life

Weed Seems to Protect Your Liver From the Effects of Hard Drinking

Though it shouldn’t encourage anyone to start slamming shots after taking a dab​.
Troy Farah

Smoking One Cigarette a Day Is Way Worse than Experts Thought

There is no such thing as safe smoking whatsoever, this study concludes.
Troy Farah
mental health

Apologizing All the Time Could Be a Sign of Anxiety

The urge is often involuntary—and has little to do with actual remorse.
Troy Farah

There’s a Movement to Legalize Weed Extracts for Kids With Autism

Parents are fighting for the right to use CBD oil for their children's symptoms.
Troy Farah

Cat Tongues Inspire Hairbrush That Could Help Beat Allergies

New research using severed cat tongues could change the way we brush our hair and clean rugs — big news for allergy sufferers.
Troy Farah