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Calling Aspiring Content Creators: VICE Wants to Help You Grow

We're looking for people who want to learn how to make impactful video content.
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Fighting for Recognition as a Male Erotic Performer in Australia

It takes a lot of blood, sweat, and body oil to make it as an all-male erotic performance troupe.
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climate protest

Our Favourite Illustrators Drew Us Some Global Climate Strike Placards

Download them, print them off, mount them on an old cereal box and take them along with you.
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Speaking to the People Who Got Rejected from the Elite Dating App Raya

"It was supposed to be a glimpse into a world that is not my own, but the curtains were drawn on me."
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India’s Modi Government Revokes Kashmir’s Special Status in Bold Move

Home Minister Amit Shah announced a proposal to remove all provisions of Article 370, which guarantees special status to the Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, which could spark unrest in India.
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The VICE Guide to the Melbourne International Film Festival

Stuck over what to see? Totally overwhelmed by the stacked line-up? Don't worry, we've got you.
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Festival Season!

Wonderfruit Wants to Build a 'Pop-Up City' Dedicated to Sustainable Living

Thailand's annual festival is trying to create a new model of eco-friendly living.
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Safe Sesh

Will Smoking Weed Affect My Anxiety?

The stronger the cannabis you're smoking, the more likely you are to experience adverse side effects.
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What Does Cocaine Do to the Heart?

Racking up those lines could cause swelling, scarring and heart disease – good stuff!
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Astro Guide

This Is What Your Rising Sign Means—And Why It Matters

The rising sign is commonly known as the "mask you wear," but its meaning goes much deeper than that.
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Inside the World of Indian Truck Art

VICE catches up with some Indian truck drivers to understand why they get their trucks painted in a kaleidoscope of colours, art, slogans and symbols, and how it helps them find a little piece of ‘home’, when on the road.
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The Photo Issue 2019

This Photographer Turns Humans Into Real-Life Bratz Dolls

Photographer Arvida Byström and stylist Lo Hallen bring Bratz Dolls to life with this surreal fashion photo shoot.
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