Ohio University Won't Say If It Still Believes Insects Actively Live on Mars

Last month the public university published a press release claiming "there has been and still is life on Mars," complete with diagrams of "insects" on the Red Planet.
MJ Banias
10 hours ago

These Photos Capture What Anti-Aging Trends Do to Your Psyche

Glenda Lissette's new series, "Save Our Skin," reflects on how anti-aging self care routines have warped her self image.
Elizabeth Renstrom
12 hours ago
Best Of 2019

In 2019, Everyone Was Baby

From Baby Yoda to DaBaby to "Baby Shark," it's been a banner year for babies.
Patrick Redford
14 hours ago

What to Do When a Perfectly Lovely Friend Is Kind of the Worst Online

If they're badgering you to like all of their selfies, be their Instagram boyfriend, or back them up in an embarrassing Twitter feud, here’s how to put your foot down.
Rachel Miller
16 hours ago

A Beginner's Guide to Hosting Family for the Holidays Without Melting Down

How to practically and emotionally deal with bringing the festivities—and your relatives—to your place.
Jennifer Peepas
18 hours ago

Burps in 'Rick and Morty' Are Paralingual Expressions of Emotion, Linguist Says

Belching is a paralinguistic staple that scientists have struggled to study, but ‘Rick and Morty’ is providing researchers with a fresh and varied dataset.
Matthew Gault
20 hours ago
Tech news

These Glasses Contain a Secret Video File Coded in DNA

Scientists have developed a way to encode complex information, like a Bitcoin wallet password or medical information, in 3D printed everyday objects using the building blocks of life.
Maddie Bender
a day ago

Ancient Parasite Eating Dinosaur Feathers Perfectly Preserved in Amber

Scientists have found the “earliest known evidence” of feather-feeding parasitic insects in amber from Myanmar.
Becky Ferreira
a day ago
Under The Influence

Under the Influence with Wengie - Australia's Biggest YouTuber

We asked Youtube sensation, Wengie to give us a quick lesson on how she gained her 14M subscriber base and how to make it big on the interwebs.
The VICE Guide To Right Now

Rapper Saweetie Tells Us the Inspiration for My Type

VICE Guide To Right Now
The VICE Guide to Right Now

An Indian Minister Believes That the Best Way to Control Diabetes and Cholesterol Is by Speaking Sanskrit

He also says that according to NASA, if all computers are re-programmed in Sanskrit, they would function flawlessly.
Shamani Joshi
2 days ago
Question Of The Day

The Korean Wave Has Hit the Philippines Hard, So We Asked Fans Why They Love the Culture So Much

From K-pop stans to K-drama lovers, Filipinos spill about their favourite obsessions.
Lia Savillo
2 days ago