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Communities in India Just Banned Pre-Wedding Photoshoots Because They're ‘Not Our Culture’

The Gujarati, Sindhi and Jain communities have also said that photoshoots before the marriage and having male choreographers are both “obscene” and "vulgar".
Shamani Joshi
11 hours ago
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Disinterested Viewer’s Guide to the 2019 SEA Games Highlights

Watch tonight's closing ceremony and pretend you've been paying attention in the last two weeks.
Lia Savillo
12 hours ago
The Year We Woke Up

How Sprinter Dutee Chand is Smashing Patriarchy in Sports and Society in India

In 2014, the 23-year-old challenged a rule that forbids women with “too much” testosterone from competing. In 2019, the sports star has also become a queer icon.
Pallavi Pundir
12 hours ago

A Company Is Sending Cannabis and Coffee to Space to See if They Mutate

Front Range Biosciences is flying hemp and coffee aboard a SpaceX mission in March.
Troy Farah
14 hours ago
miss universe

Maybe Steve Harvey Should Stop Hosting the Miss Universe Pageant

This year, the host made jokes about Colombia's cartels and Puerto Rico's relationship with the U.S.
Victoria Leandra
15 hours ago
The Year We Woke Up

Meet the 10-Year-Old Japanese Artist Leaving Her Mark in the Tattoo Industry

Noko Nishikagi doesn’t let her age nor society’s expectations detract her from doing what she loves to do.
Yuichi Abiko
16 hours ago

How Tall Is Adam Driver? An Investigation

Everyone wants to climb the lanky actor. How high exactly is that climb?
Bettina Makalintal
16 hours ago
Views My Own

Some of My Most Meaningful Relationships Revolve Around Online Games

Gamers have long been depicted as antisocial loners, but this couldn't be further from the truth.
Dan Camarao
17 hours ago

My Sibling Molested Me. This Is How It Affects My Sex Life

"I was most traumatized as a child when I was asleep. Early on, I told Dave not to wake me up to be intimate, ever. That was a clear line, and he has respected it 100 percent."
Mark Hay
17 hours ago
Harm Reduction

Capturing the World of the Kandi Kids

Photographer Aline Aronsky submerged herself amid the Californian ravers whose mission is ‘peace, love, unity and respect’
Aline Aronsky
18 hours ago

Someone in Vegas Glued Cowboy Hats to a Bunch of Pigeons' Heads

A nonprofit pigeon rescue called Lofty Hopes is trying to track down the birds—and figure out why the hell anyone would do this.
Jelisa Castrodale
19 hours ago

Here's More Evidence That Flavors Aren't the Reason Teens Vape

"Mint" and "unicorn poop" might not be as compelling to young people as trying something kind of weird and maybe even dangerous.
Alex Norcia
20 hours ago