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I Learned How to Do an Abortion on a Papaya

Papaya workshops have become a popular way to demystify and destigmatize abortion.
Marie Solis

Buying Abortion Pills Online Is Overwhelmingly Safe, But Maybe Illegal

There's plenty of evidence that most online retailers are selling the real thing.
Marie Solis
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I Self-Induced An Illegal Abortion With Pills I Bought Online

In Indonesia, abortion is illegal in most cases. So when young women like me get pregnant but are not ready to have a child, we are forced to seek out dangerous self-administered alternatives.

An Indonesian Rape Victim Is Cleared of Illegal Abortion Charges

The 15-year-old was earlier jailed for terminating her pregnancy, outraging human rights activists.
Meera Navlakha

People Are Already Dying From Being Denied Abortions

A new study is a reminder of the serious consequences of restricting abortion access.
Kimberly Lawson

Why Hundreds of Thousands of Women Ended Their Pregnancies After Chernobyl

Misinformation, "radiophobia," and fear of birth defects led to hundreds of thousands of abortions after the nuclear disaster.
Becky Ferreira
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South Korea Is Lifting Its 66-Year-Old Ban on Abortions

In a landmark ruling, a South Korean court has ordered lawmakers to revise the ban by the end of 2020.
Mustika Hapsoro
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What It's Like to Get an Abortion When You're Six Months Pregnant

Rachel was 25 weeks pregnant when she learned her fetus had a severe, likely lethal abnormality that also put her health at risk. She had to drive 12 hours and pay $10,000 to get a potentially life-saving abortion.
Callie Beusman

Unpacking the Connection Between Vaccines and Fetal Tissue

Is it true that the chickenpox vaccine is "derived from" aborted fetal cells? Sort of, but you also need to know what the Catholic Church actually says about these vaccines.
Susan Rinkunas

How Sexual and Reproductive Rights are Essential to Achieving Gender Equality

We need to do something about these horrifying violations of inalienable human rights.
Sharon Shum
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Minnie Dean Is a Victim of Old New Zealand's Puritanical Views on Reproductive Rights

Vilified in the press as a child murder, Minnie Dean was a woman who took care of kids no one else wanted.
James Borrowdale
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Teenage Girl Raped By Brother, Then Jailed for Aborting Pregnancy, Released on Appeal

But not before she served one month behind bars.
Alice .