A 32-Year-Old Man Got Arrested at Delhi Airport for Pretending to Be an 81-Year-Old

His hair was dyed white, he wore large glasses and sat in a wheelchair.


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An Indian Guy Tried to Stop His Wife From Leaving the Country by Telling Airport Authorities She Was a Suicide Bomber

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A Chinese Teen Who Took Two Planes Joyriding Has Been Offered Flying Lessons

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The Weird and Wonderful Ways People Smuggle Gold Into India

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Pilots Explain Why We Shouldn't Worry About Turbulence

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This Woman Won't Stop Trying to Sneak onto Airplanes

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An Air Canada Pilot Narrowly Missed 'Greatest Aviation Disaster Ever'

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A Guy Got Dragged Off an Overbooked United Flight for Refusing to Give Up His Seat

An officer reportedly grabbed the man by his collar and throttled him against an armrest before dragging him down the aisle—and a few passengers caught the whole thing on camera.