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I Found the Alone Time I Didn't Know I Needed by Watching Anime

In a world swirling with distractions, obligations, and constant communication, watching anime by myself became my perfect, total break.


Sailor Moon Condoms Are a Thing and the Japanese Government Is Giving Them Away for Free

They come in heart-shaped packaging and are given away during STI awareness campaigns.


This Tokyo Bar is Run By Virtual Anime Characters

The pop-up bar bar is set to have eight virtual stars in charge, who speak to guests and keep them engaged.


Science Goes Too Far, Creates AI That Turns You Into an Anime Character

Thanks to researchers at video game company NCSoft, machine learning can turn you into anime.


‘Dear Fucking God:’ The ‘Alexandria Library’ of Hentai Has Suddenly Vanished

Sad Panda, a huge hentai-hosting website, is gone, and another 50 terabytes of hentai is also in danger of deletion.


Man Shouted "Die" Before Fire-Bombing Japan Anime Studio and Killing Dozens

The KyoAni studio is known for producing shows about the daily lives of schoolgirls and high-quality feature films.


'Evangelion' Presents: Gendo Ikari, Anime's Worst Dad

Maybe you've known that for years, but he's so bad that it still had to be said.


Japan’s Biggest Manga Pirate Was Arrested in Manila

His website, Mangamura, apparently cost the Japanese publishing industry $2.93 billion.


‘Evangelion’ Won't Stop Leering as It Explores Its Characters’ Sexuality

'Evangelion' wallows in complicity with its toxic gender dynamics, and expects the audience to come along for the ride.


‘One Punch Man’ is The Only Anime Subverting The Superhero Genre

Saitama might be the strongest man in his world, but he’s just like you when it comes to the problems of daily modern life.


Meet the Black Anime Cosplayers Blowing Up on Instagram

Five cosplayers tell us about their love for anime, finding a community within cosplay, and overcoming racist comments.


Dream Job Alert: Studio Ghibli are Hiring

Want to work with Hayao Miyazaki? Well, time to dust off your CV!