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Sri Lanka Now Plans to Hang Drug Dealers After Being Inspired by the Philippines

After nearly half a century of no executions, the President wants to revive capital punishment after seeing Duterte’s crackdown against drugs.
Shamani Joshi
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A Mob of 500 Men Tried to Force a Dance Group to Strip at a Festival in India

Five of the accused have been caught by the police, who are still looking for the absconding organisers.
Shamani Joshi
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An Indian Professor Has Been Arrested for His 2-Year-Old Facebook Post About Eating Beef

His lawyer thinks that the BJP waited until after the election to arrest him so they wouldn’t lose the Adivasi votebank.
Shamani Joshi
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These Hindu Nationalists Just Got Arrested for Celebrating the Birthday of Gandhi’s Assassin

They even lit lamps and distributed sweets to mark Nathuram Godse’s birth anniversary.
Shamani Joshi
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Smearing a Cake on Someone’s Face in Public Can Get You Arrested in This Indian State

Even using chemical foam and adhesive tape out in the open is now illegal.
Shamani Joshi

This Popcorn Seller in Pakistan Built His Own Plane and Got Arrested for Flying It

Assembled using the engine of a roadcutter and rickshaw wheels, Muhammad Fayyaz’s DIY plane was grounded by the police for flying without a license.
Shamani Joshi
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India Arrests Players of 'Addictive' Online Video Game

Labelled “a demon in every house”, PUBG is facing a crackdown in Gujarat.
Pallavi Pundir
R. Kelly

"I’m Fighting For My Life:” R. Kelly Screamed and Cried During First Interview Since Sex Abuse Charges

Kelly’s publicist eventually had to come in to calm him down.
Emma Ockerman
sexual assault

R. Kelly Charged With 10 Counts of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse

The musician had been accused of sexual misconduct and abuse of young girls for decades.
Rex Santus
Jussie Smollett

Jussie Smollett Paid 2 Guys $3,500 to Fake a Hate Crime Because He Was 'Dissatisfied With His Salary," Police Say

“I’m left hanging my head asking why, why would anyone, especially an African American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations," Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson said.
Tess Owen
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A Teen Allegedly Stole a Bulldozer and Crushed a Cop Car Like a Beer Can

Newly released dash-cam footage shows cops chasing the 20-ton dozer on foot before leaping onto it, grabbing the culprit, and chucking him to the ground.
Drew Schwartz

A Serial Dine-And-Dasher Keeps Leaving Blind Dates with the Dinner Bill in LA

A lot of women in LA are now familiar with TFW an asshole eats a bunch of steak, says he's going to the bathroom, and then ghosts.
Alex Swerdloff