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Australian Serial Killer Ivan Milat Believed to be ‘Days Away From His Death Bed’

Milat was transferred from jail to hospital last week following reports that he's been "in agony" with oesophagus and stomach cancer.


A Boa Constrictor is ‘At Large’ in Sydney’s Western Suburbs

Biosecurity officers are searching for the snake after a huge, "freshly shed" skin was found hanging in a construction site. There are fears it could be looking for its next meal.


Brothel Owner Accused of Making Sex Workers ‘Train’ by Performing Acts on Him

The man allegedly told multiple prospective employees that they had to perform sex acts on him to prove they could do the job.


Bees in Australia are Getting Drunk on Fermented Nectar and Being Refused Re-Entry to the Hive

Oddly, the phenomenon has been observed several times around the lawns of Australia's Parliament House.


This ‘Spaceplane’ Could Get You from Sydney to London in Four Hours

There are plans to start running test flights of the 'hypersonic' jet in the mid-2020s.


Australian Man Takes a Piss in His Backyard, Triggers a Radiation Alert

The man self-discharged from hospital after receiving nuclear medicine. When he got home, his urine contaminated his backyard and exposed his family to radiation.


Inmates at Australian Juvenile Detention Centre Steal Guard’s Keys and Incite A Riot

It's thought that some of the rioters intended to kill or seriously harm inmates who were sex offenders.


Woman Wins the Right to Have Her Sex Therapy Covered by Disability Insurance

An Australian woman with multiple sclerosis is set to receive $10,000 a year from the NDIS to fund sex therapy for "sexual release".


A Car Caught Fire During A Gender Reveal Burnout, Again

Using a colourful burnout to reveal an unborn baby's gender is becoming increasingly common and disastrous in Australia.


Ex-Inmates are Breaching Parole so They Can Return to Prison and Smuggle Drugs

Newly released prisoners in Queensland, Australia are intentionally getting locked up for the "lucrative" prospect of selling drugs on the inside.


Australia is Fast Becoming One of the World’s Worst Climate Polluters

Burning coal and gas is the number one cause of the climate crisis, and Australia is the leading exporter of both. By 2030, things could get much worse.


Doing Someone Else’s University Homework Could Soon Be a Crime in Australia

Helping a friend with an assignment or sitting an exam in exchange for money could land you in jail under proposed new laws.