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This Startup Says It's Making Odorless Weed

A Canadian company says it's trying to make weed less dank.
Troy Farah

Thai Government to Discuss Allowing Weed to Be Grown at Home

An upcoming draft bill seeks to allow Thais to grow up to six marijuana plants in the comfort of their home.
Edoardo Liotta
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Study Finds Delhi and Mumbai Are Among the Top 10 Cities in Cannabis Consumption Globally

Amsterdam, where pot is legal, consumed just about a tenth of the cannabis Delhi did in 2018.
Meera Navlakha

What it Was Like Smoking Weed in India Before it Got Criminalised

“Sometimes, the pusher would be sitting with a cop outside his house and they’d be smoking a chillum together.”
As told to Dhvani Solani
Safe Sesh

Will Smoking Weed Affect My Anxiety?

The stronger the cannabis you're smoking, the more likely you are to experience adverse side effects.
VICE Staff
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America's First Legit Weed Cafe Has Nearby Synagogue Worried About the Contact High

The city of Los Angeles has approved a cannabis cafe, but the attendees of Congregation Kol Ami don't want to be neighbors.
Jelisa Castrodale

I Got an MRI While Stoned to See What My Brain Looked Like

A research team at University College, London is studying the impact of cannabis on the brain. I went along and inhaled marijuana vapour for science.
Hatti Rex
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Question of the Day: Why Has India’s Drug Use Gone Up?

The UN World Drug Report 2019 estimates that drug usage numbers have spiked up by 30 percent. We asked young Indians why they think this happened.
Shamani Joshi

Weed Withdrawal Is a Real Thing and It's Hell

If you're using weed for medicinal reasons, it cam wreak havoc on your mental or physical health.
David Hillier

Scientists Find Evidence of Dank Weed at 2,500-Year-Old Funeral Site

Cannabis residue was found in braziers at an ancient high-altitude cemetery.
Becky Ferreira
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Police in India Keep Seizing Large Quantities of Weed

Cops caught over 3,000 kgs of cannabis in the third crackdown this week.
Shamani Joshi
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A Scientist in Jamaica Is Recreating the ‘Supreme Ganja’ That Bob Marley Used to Smoke

Jah bless him.
Shamani Joshi