A French Chef Is Suing the Michelin Guide After It Accused Him of Using Cheddar Cheese

After being docked a star, a "depressed" Marc Veyrat unsuccessfully demanded that Michelin remove his restaurant from the guide entirely.


Kidnappers Held a Man Hostage for Hours, Then Gave Him a Grilled Cheese 'For His Troubles'

Love a grilled cheese, but not sure any sandwich cancels out the trauma of being kidnapped and held at gunpoint.


I Ate Dinner in a Tajik Hellhole

Ask the average Westerner what they know about Tajikistan, and they'll probably draw a blank. (Is it a country? Isn’t there a war going on there?) Which made finding out more about qurutob, its national dish, even more interesting.


The 'Cheebab' Is the Vegetarian Kebab For People Who Love Cheese

As far as taste goes, the Cheebab has a combination of cheddar, halloumi, and Raclette vibes.


You Can Have the Best French Macaron Of Your Life in Southeast Asia

The junction of Rue Samsenthai and Rue Thadeua isn’t exactly where you’d think to go for escargot and paté. But in Vientiane, Laos, you can find classic French cuisine in an unexpected setting.


How Dutch Edam Became a Christmas Tradition in the Philippines

Designed to last on long trade route voyages, Edam spread and became popular from Asia to South America.


13-Year-Old with Severe Dairy Allergy Dies After Classmate Puts Cheese Down His Shirt

A student was arrested shortly after the incident on suspicion of attempted murder.


This 3,200 Year Old Egyptian Cheese Is Cursed With a Deadly Pathogen

The cheese, made from both cow and sheep/goat milk, is contaminated with infectious bacteria.


Widow Lived for Weeks on Leftover Cheese from Husband's Funeral After Error Marked Her as Dead, Too

Warning: This story is sad even though it's about cheese.


Somebody Invented a Cheetos Cookie and It’s Goddamn Delicious

The simple cookie relies on the buttery qualities of cheddar cheese, and then is pushed to levels of addictive ridiculousness when the Cheeto seasonings meld with the cookie dough.


Inside the Loneliest Five-Star Restaurant in the World

You can eat foie gras at Antarctica's Concordia Station, but your closest neighbor is the International Space Station and you might not see oranges for three months.