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Donald Trump Is the New Face of North Korea’s Stamps

The stamps, which are on sale in North Korea’s capital, feature key moments from Trump and Kim Jong Un’s joint summit last year.
Meera Navlakha

Over 15,000 Square Miles of Siberia Are on Fire and It's “a Global Ecological Catastrophe”

Some 46,000 square miles of Siberia have been destroyed, Arctic ice melt is accelerating, and the smoke is choking Russian cities.
David Gilbert
ASAP Rocky

Trump Couldn’t Stop Sweden From Charging A$AP Rocky With Assault

Despite the best efforts of Trump and Kim Kardashian, the rapper was charged Thursday after being held for weeks without charges.
Emma Ockerman
A$AP Rocky:

Trump Is Trying To Get A$AP Rocky Freed. It's Not Going Well.

Trump's call to the Swedish prime minister seems to have gotten a frosty reception.
Tim Marcin
Far-Right Extremism

We Analyzed More Than 1 Million Comments on 4chan. Hate Speech There Has Spiked by 40% Since 2015.

Violent threats against minorities have also proliferated on the anonymous message board.
Rob Arthur

Trump Can’t Block People He Doesn't Like on Twitter, Appeals Court Says

A federal appeals court has upheld an earlier ruling that US President Donald Trump cannot silence people on Twitter without violating the First Amendment.
Sarah Emerson

Iran Says It's Ready to Resume Making Weapons-Grade Uranium

Tehran warns Europe that unless Iran gets relief from U.S. sanctions, it will resume enriching uranium in violation of the nuclear deal.
David Gilbert

What You Need to Know About Trump's Wild Weekend in North Korea

Meanwhile, the White House is reportedly ready to accept North Korea as a nuclear power, rather than demanding full denuclearization.
David Gilbert
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Trump Says He's 'Never Had a Glass of Alcohol.' These People Say Otherwise.

"I served him. And he drank at the bar," one bartender recalled.
Allen Salkin
Aaron Short

Iran Slams "Idiotic" U.S. Sanctions, Says White House Is "Afflicted by Mental Retardation"

President Hassan Rouhani made the remarks on live television.
David Gilbert
Hong Kong

China Warns World Leaders: Don't Talk About the Hong Kong Protests

World leaders will gather for the G20 summit in Japan this week, and China has told them not to mention the massive protests in Hong Kong.
David Gilbert

A Farmer in India Just Unveiled a 6-Ft Statue of Donald Trump

He’s also convinced that worshipping Trump is what made India win the World Cup match against Pakistan, and can improve the country’s relations with the US.
Shamani Joshi