Dozens of People Are Still Missing After Earthquake Hits Central Philippines

Many are believed to be trapped under collapsed buildings.
Alia Marsha

Photos of Life in Palu Six Months After the Deadly Tsunami

Survivors in the disaster-torn city in Sulawesi are still waiting for financial assistance from the government to rebuild their lives.
Ian Morse
geothermal energy

A Geothermal Plant Likely Caused South Korea’s Second-Worst Earthquake

A government-commissioned survey found that fluid injection at a geothermal plant in Pohang was a probable cause for the destructive quake.
Sarah Emerson
Earth's mantle

Mountains Bigger Than Everest May Lie Deep Inside Earth

Scientists used the second largest earthquake on record to glimpse the terrain 410 miles under our planet's surface.
Becky Ferreira

Malaysia's Ex Deputy Prime Minister Blames LGBTQ Community For Palu Tsunami

Nothing like using someone else's tragedy to push your own political agenda, right?
Alia Marsha
palu earthquake

The Horror of Watching the Ground Liquify and Swallow Homes In an Earthquake

"It went up to my chest. I could only pray."
Iqbal Lubis
palu earthquake

Broken, Stripped, and Stolen: Indonesia's Tsunami Warning System Is a Mess

All 22 tsunami-detecting buoys stopped working... six years ago.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

It's a Race Against Time to Find Survivors Trapped By the Deadly Palu Earthquake

It's been four days since an earthquake and tsunami it the northern coast of Central Sulawesi, but the rescue operations are still underway at a popular hotel completely destroyed by the disaster.
Iqbal Lubis

Scenes From a City Destroyed By Last Week's Tsunami and Earthquake

Our photographer was in the disaster-torn city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, on Saturday, only 24 hours after disaster struck. Here's what he saw.
Iqbal Lubis
Lombok Earthquake

'I Thought Doomsday Had Arrived': What It Was Like to Live Through the Lombok Quake

"People were running toward the open fields in a panic. Some of them broke down crying and began to pray."
Muhammad Sibawaihi
Lombok Earthquake

Teams are Searching the Rubble of Lombok By Hand In a Rush to Find Survivors

We went into the hardest hit part of the island and found search and rescue teams working tirelessly by hand to save people trapped beneath the ruins.
Akhyar M Nur
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Massive Relief Efforts Underway In Indonesia After Quake Shakes Lombok

Nearly 100 were reported dead in a magnitude 7.0 earthquake.
VICE Staff