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Inside the Lives of Workers Who Thrive on India’s Election Economy

From the taxi drivers and sound guys to the ones who print posters and compose political jingles, these unsung heroes are the most vital part of the world's biggest democratic exercise.
Zeyad Masroor Khan
climate change

Arctic Warming Will Cost At Least $24 Trillion More Than We Thought, Study Finds

The economic losses of climate change, both past and future, are outlined in two new studies this week.
Becky Ferreira
Late Capitalism

Going Cashless Looks More and More Like a Capitalist Scam

Lawmakers argue bans on cashless stores could protect tens of millions of Americans without access to credit cards.
Ankita Rao

We Asked an Economist What Would Happen if All Women Took 'Period Leave'

Would the economy crumble as businesses fell apart under the strain? Er, no—and it might actually make work more productive for everyone.
Amelia Dimoldenberg

The Kitchen Divides Pakistan's Rich and Poor

When visiting my extended family in Pakistan, I am hyper-aware of the differences between the rich and the poor. Even at home, the classes are separated as young, impoverished men cook meals in sweltering heat for their employers.
Javaria Akbar

Trump’s Sanctions Have Forced Some Iranians to Abandon Their Cultural Traditions

VICE News visits Tehran's biggest cemetery to look at how Iran's economic woes are affecting burial customs.
Angad Singh
Gelareh Kiazand

How to Rent Friends In Japan

We hit up Family Romance, a company that specializes in “people for rent,” to help throw VICE’s Kumpei Kuwamoto a wild birthday party—or at least what looked like one online.
VICE Staff
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Meet Nyango Star: This Heavy Metal Cat Mascot is Trying to Save a Rural Farm Town In Japan

This Japanese mascot isn’t just cute. He's an economic stimulus package.
Gaby Wilson
VICE News Tonight on HBO

China's Citizen Tracking System Can Wreck People's Lives

4 million people have been blocked from buying high-speed train tickets, and worse consequences, over their low "social credit" scores
Karen Ye
Laurel Chor

Is Blockchain the Future of Indonesian Farming?

The tech sector is eyeing one of oldest industries in Indonesia—rice farming.
Daniel Darmawan

Poverty Isn't Decreasing, Indonesia's Official Poverty Line Is Just Too Low

The government says you're not "poor" if you can afford to spend more than $0.76.
Adi Renaldi

Indonesia's Running Out of Oil Reserves, But That Doesn't Mean It's Running Out of Oil

Yeah, there is a difference, but really either one is going to hurt your wallet.
Sattwika Duhita