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Indian Cricket Team Criticised for Choosing Saffron-Coloured Jerseys

"A Muslim was the one who designed the Indian tricolour. There are other colours in the tricolour, why choose only orange?"
Shamani Joshi
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Pakistan Fans Blame Burgers for Country’s Loss in World Cup Match Against India

How dare the cricket team eat burgers hours before the big game!
Pallavi Pundir

A Guide to Not Being a Dick During the Women's World Cup

"Aren't there three more years until the next World Cup???"
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

This Ancient Prince's Tomb Was Found Between a Pub and a Supermarket

Scientists unveil new insights about the 6th century 'Prince of Prittlewell.'
Becky Ferreira
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Santa Rips Off His Beard and Yells ‘Get the Fuck Out’ After Fire Alarm Goes Off

"He came charging in, ripped his hat and beard off in front of 50-odd kids and started shouting and swearing at people to leave."
Drew Schwartz

Widow Lived for Weeks on Leftover Cheese from Husband's Funeral After Error Marked Her as Dead, Too

Warning: This story is sad even though it's about cheese.
Jelisa Castrodale
The 2018 FIFA World Cup

The Illustrator Who Perfectly Captured England's World Cup

A quick chat with Reuben Dangoor.
Tom Usher

Mystic Pig Receives Death Threats After False World Cup Prediction

Mystic Marcus predicted England would beat Croatia on Tuesday, and now fans want him turned into bacon for his error.
Danielle Wayda
World Cup

Video Shows Croatian Firefighters Called to Duty Just Before Beating Russia

A whole group of firefighters were watching Ivan Rakitić on the verge of sealing a World Cup Semi-Final berth during penalties, when they snapped into action.
Liam Daniel Pierce
cyber attacks

Hackers Used Stolen NSA Tools to Launch a Cyberattack on More Than 70 countries

Unlike many other forms of malware, ransomware can spread on its own. The aim isn’t to hit any specific country but to strike as widely as possible to make money.
Carter Sherman
London attack

The Story of the Man Mistaken as the Westminster Attacker

Abu Izzadeen may have a history of radical behaviour, but it would have been hard for him to attack Parliament from his prison cell.
Jake Warren
London attack

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Terror Attack in London

Police identify 52-year-old U.K. man as main suspect.
David Gilbert