Women Can Go to Saudi Arabia's Theme Parks. But There Are Rules

Photographer Arwa Al-Na’imi used to love theme parks, but found them less fun as she got older and was separated from her brother.
Badar Salem

How Posting Nudes on Twitter Is Helping Filipino Women Become More Sex Positive

The “alterverse” is a community on Twitter marked by sexually explicit content. It allows Filipino women to break free from the conservatism of Philippine society.
Fruhlein Chrys Econar
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India’s Supreme Court Says Not All Sex With a Failed Promise to Marry Is Rape

In April 2019, the Supreme Court had passed a verdict saying that sex between consenting adults based on a false promise of marriage will be considered rape. Now it clarifies it’s not rape unless false promise is proven.
Pallavi Pundir

Australia’s Young Jews Explain Why Yiddish Is the Language of Protest

A new generation are reclaiming their grandparents' language to further causes of humanism and LGBTQ equality.
Talia Slonim
women's rights

Alarming Report Finds Not a Single Girl Born in 132 Indian Villages Since April

"We have discovered that out of a total of 216 deliveries, not a single girl child has been born in 132 villages, which is suspicious and has highlighted female foeticide."
Pallavi Pundir
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4 Over-the-Top Films In 2018 That Actually Make a Point About Social Justice

These movies will make you angry, sad, and hopeful at the same time.
Jade Poa

How Sexual and Reproductive Rights are Essential to Achieving Gender Equality

We need to do something about these horrifying violations of inalienable human rights.
Sharon Shum

Scotland Is Going to Be the First Country to Make Pads and Tampons Free for All Students

The $6.7 million USD scheme is a major step in eradicating period poverty, which sees hundreds of thousands of young women struggle to afford basic sanitary products.
Georgie Wright
widow village

Life Inside Indonesia's Widow-Only Village

The Arbain housing complex in East Java is a quiet but resilient community of widows who take care of one another despite the stigma of widowhood in the country.
Asad Asnawi

At Women's March Jakarta, a Thousand Reasons to Fight

Last weekend, people from different walks of life marched the streets of Jakarta to fight against every injustice, from violence against women to homophobia.
Ananda Badudu

Female Ojek Drivers Struggle to Find Acceptance on City Streets

The biggest pain for Indonesian women working in the online ojek industry isn't the traffic, it's the men who keep cancelling their orders because they don't want a woman driver.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

Indonesia's Widows are Stuck In a Web of Poverty, But There's a Way Out

And, no, we don't mean becoming some guy's second wife.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja