What Would Happen If Russia and Europe Went to War

A handy guide to some unimaginable horror.
Colin Drury
art and design

Living in a Brutal World

The author of a new book on Brutalism selects his ten favourites from around the world
Elias Redstone

The Buzz for Arctic Monkeys' Live Comeback Reminds Us That They're Timeless

Whatever you say about them, the band's slew of festival dates is a reason to get nostalgic for the past and excited for right now.
Lauren O'Neill
New Neighbours

What I Learned Trying to Become a Pro Footballer in the UK

I think you have to be a bit faster and stronger, if you want to play professionally in Europe.
Helal Al Baarini

Trump's Jerusalem Decision Is Reigniting Anti-Semitism In Europe

The decision is proving to be a flashpoint in Europe as Sweden, Germany the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom report a spate of anti-semitic hate crimes.
Tim Hume
Far-Right Extremism

The Extreme Right Is Increasingly Organized, Globalized and Winning Over Gen-Z

A new study suggests the far right is one step ahead of efforts to counter its message.
Mack Lamoureux
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Cops Say Thieves Stole $590K of iPhones in Daring Highway Robbery

The gang allegedly pulled up behind a moving truck, broke in, and smuggled the loot through their sunroof—all while whizzing down a highway in the Netherlands.
Calder McHugh

The Strange Tradition Where People Dress Up As Demons and Jump over Babies

The annual tradition is supposed to relinquish the babies' sins and protect them from all kinds of ailments—especially hernias.
Gonzalo Herrera

Muslim Women Share Their Thoughts on Europe's New Headscarf Ban

A top European court just ruled that employers can legally ban employees from wearing headscarves to work. Six Muslim women tell us how they feel about the controversial ruling.
Salma Haidrani
Motherboard Homepage

Nobody Is Sure What Caused a Mysterious Radiation Spike Across Europe

Some speculate a Russian nuclear test in the Arctic, but experts say a pharmaceutical facility could be responsible.
Ben Sullivan

The Village Where People Celebrate Easter by Beating the Hell Out of Each Other

Every year, people gather in the Georgina town of Lanchkhuti to participate in Lelo, one of the world's oldest and most violent sports.
Will Cathcart