The ‘Reog’ Dance Proves Homosexuality Is an Ancient Tradition in Indonesia

The dance, which tells an intimate love story between two male characters, was created all the way in the 15th century.
Muhammad Ishomuddin
3 hours ago
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Inside the Struggles of an African-Origin Community Living in India’s Forests to Keep Its Homes

“Maybe the worry is that one day, we’ll be as popular and powerful as Obama if we are given our rights to a piece of land.”
Archana Nathan
9 hours ago

A Handy Guide to Navigating the Endless Rules of Polyamory

Or; why dating someone who already has a partner might be a bad idea.
James Greig
4 days ago

Making an Appearance at a Conference for Ugly People

At the first annual Ugly Conference, attendees aren't trying to "reclaim" anything. They're just trying to be seen as they are.
Rebecca Brill
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Prabowo Declares Victory, but Quick Counts Tell a Different Story—Jokowi Wins

As polls close in a divisive election, similarities from the 2014 race continue to haunt Indonesia, suggesting the battle for the top spot is far from over.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

The Stories You Lose When Your Refugee Family Splits Itself Up

After her entire family fled Iraq, my grandmother stayed behind because she didn't want to give up on the country she loves.
Sona Boker
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Election Season Is Boom Time for Indonesia's Exorcists

Legislative candidates spend a fortune on their campaigns. When the majority of them lose the race, their savings and their sanity, exorcists step in.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

The One Place in the US Google Earth Stopped Mapping

For eight years, Google Earth didn't update its satellite image of a military installation in Nevada. So we bought one ourselves.
Dhruv Mehrotra
Brendan Byrne
mental health

Kids Keep Getting 'Possessed by Spirits' During Indonesia's High School Exams

Is it time to abolish standardised testing?
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja

For $1,000, These 'Sitters' Will Save You from a Bad Acid Trip

Yes, being a professional trip sitter is actually a job.
Cole Kazdin

What I Learned About Racism as the Only Chinese Person at a 'Chinese' Festival

Every year, 20,000 people come together to wear eyeliner and shout 'Ni hao' at each other at a Chinese festival in the Bavarian town of Dietfurt.
Marvin Xin Ku
reproductive rights

What It's Like to Get an Abortion When You're Six Months Pregnant

Rachel was 25 weeks pregnant when she learned her fetus had a severe, likely lethal abnormality that also put her health at risk. She had to drive 12 hours and pay $10,000 to get a potentially life-saving abortion.
Callie Beusman