This Singapore Restaurant Is Perfect For Date Night Or a Friends Gathering

One of the key indicators of being a full-fledged Functional Adult™ is having a list of fuss-free go-to restaurants for group dinners. Kilo Kitchen should be part of that list.
Sharon Shum
10 hours ago

Family Food: Swagath Gourmet

In the premiere episode of Family Food, we head to Swagath Gourmet, a South Indian restaurant run by the Iyengar family in Edison, New Jersey.
Sesha Iyengar
2 days ago

Why More Tibetan Nomads Are Going Vegetarian

Over the last 15 years, a wave of Tibetans has fully embraced vegetarianism, as nomads and previously isolated towns have gotten access to other foods besides yak products.
Clarissa Wei
2 days ago

Bull’s Balls, Love Cucumbers & Human Flesh | The World’s Weirdest Aphrodisiacs

Sex and food have always gone hand in hand, but never quite like this...
Anastasia Miari
3 days ago

How to Cook a Meal From Tokyo's Vending Machines

Our host Ty Demura takes on a whiskey-fueled journey to Tokyo's wackiest vending machines and uses their bounty to make banana milkshakes and a stinky rice bowl.
Munchies Staff

This Chef of Mixed Heritage Is Changing Perceptions on Chinese-Indian Food

Half-Chinese half-Bengali Keenan Tham talks about his experience of Chinese-Indian cuisine in India – from the infamous roadside variety to the unique combos only found in homes – and how it has evolved.
Pallavi Pundir
Lunar New Year

Chinese Australians Reminisce on Scoring Red Pockets and Feasting on New Years

We asked people for their memories of food, family, and being interrogated about their marriage plans.
Christopher Kevin Au

Gluten Is Perfectly Fine for the Vast Majority of People

There’s almost no proof that going gluten-free will do the average person any favors.
Markham Heid

Behold, the Entire Lunar Cycle Made of Cookies

We're hoping the man in the moon has a giant glass of milk.
Beckett Mufson

Filipino Food In New Zealand Is Moving From Its Enclaves Into The Mainstream

"Centuries of colonialism have trained Filipinos to adjust to the dominant culture, and we risk becoming invisible to the people whose ways we embrace."
Monica Macansantos

Cooking Breakfast for 1,500 on a US Navy Ship

It takes thousands of eggs, endless strips of bacon, and (ahem) boatloads of hash browns.
Munchies Staff

The 'Cheebab' Is the Vegetarian Kebab For People Who Love Cheese

As far as taste goes, the Cheebab has a combination of cheddar, halloumi, and Raclette vibes.
Katinka Oppeck