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Why Does Coriander Make Me Feel Sick and Angry: an Investigation

There's a genetic reason why some people love coriander and others think it tastes like rotten soap.


For These Oxford Students, Blind Wine Tasting Isn’t Bullshit – It’s a Sport

Every year, the Oxford blind wine tasting society faces Cambridge in a tense competition to correctly identify unlabelled glasses of wine.


Woman Gets Felony for Dine-and-Dashing on Chalupa She Found Not Chalupa-y Enough

Jennifer Culver said she wasn't paying for "that [expletive]," according to court records.


Vegan Says That She's 'Poisoned for Life' After Accidentally Being Served Sausage Roll

Sharleen Ndugo says that she's never returning to Greggs, not after being "traumatized for life" by a mixup with her order.


A Review of Every Supermarket Garlic Bread in Australia

Because there's nothing worse than accidently buying a stupid, dried-out husk of trash garlic bread.


Woman Hospitalized After Mistaking Wasabi for Mashed Avocado

The woman was diagnosed with an unusual heart condition known as "broken heart syndrome," which can be triggered by emotional shock.


Vegan Restaurant Owner Sprays Man in Face With Fire Extinguisher for Smoking Cigarette

Jon Bird said that he and his girlfriend both went to the hospital after the incident, and that he's had headaches and shortness of breath ever since.


A French Chef Is Suing the Michelin Guide After It Accused Him of Using Cheddar Cheese

After being docked a star, a "depressed" Marc Veyrat unsuccessfully demanded that Michelin remove his restaurant from the guide entirely.


China Is Cracking Down On This Popular Spicy Snack

It’s been a favorite in China since the 1990s but recently sparked debates in the country following health concerns.


A Man in China Who Ate Raw Fish for Three Years Now Has a Liver Infested With Parasites

It’s not that rare, around 15 million people have it.


FDA Finds Salmonella Contamination in Top Indian Spice Company’s Sambhar Masala, Leading to Recalls in the US

MDH, a household name in Indian cooking, is recalling its products from retail stores in California for contamination that can cause diarrhoea, cramps, and fever within days of consuming it.


Australian Farmers Are Developing Broccoli Pills to Reduce Organic Waste

It's thought that capsules containing an entire serving of vegetables could be the future of food.