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4 days ago

Dad Blames 'Hipster' Honeybee Keepers for Kid Getting Stung by Wasps in Park

"I’m not anti-hipster but this is incredibly dangerous," the enraged father said. "The colony shouldn’t be so close to kids."


Rich People Should Be Putting Out Better Halloween Candy, Woman Argues

Even though this was some quality 'affluent' neighborhood trolling, it's still not a bad attitude to take. Step it up, people.


Woman Had to Have Gallbladder Removed After Waiter Poured Liquid Nitrogen in Her Drink

The FDA has advised against consuming anything that has had liquid nitrogen added to it right before serving.


Ancient Humans Basically Used Bones as Tupperware, Researchers Say

Further proof that nothing is more metal than ancient history.


YouTuber Uncovers Disturbing Truth About the Jalapeños on Subway Sandwiches

"For all you folks at home who think I'm overreacting, first of all, I am," Johnson says. "Second of all... this is literal inedible gross-ass shit."


Made a Reservation at a Nice Restaurant? You're Probably Getting Googled

A "posh" New York restaurant allegedly Googles guests and rejects the ones who aren't rich. It's not the only restaurant doing research on diners.


Even Fortune Cookies Have Ads Now Because the World Is Bad

God forbid we're allowed to enjoy two bites of sugary goodness without getting a taste of late capitalism.


Tech Company Says Using Facial Recognition Technology in Bars Isn't Creepy at All

DataSparQ also hopes to roll out a feature called 'FaceTab,' which would recognize patrons and automatically add drinks to their existing tab.


The US Government Is Using Pineapple Pizza to Explain Russian Political Interference

We asked an online disinformation expert why the controversial dish is an apt metaphor for how trolls are messing with our country.


Jollibee Buys Struggling Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Chain, Continues Its World Takeover

The popular Filipino fast food chain, which has been called "The McDonald's of the Philippines," also bought Smashburger last year.