Germany Synagogue Shooter Denied Holocaust in Video Uploaded to Twitch

A Twitch spokesperson confirmed the link to the video has been taken down.


Chinese Broadcaster Uses Famous Holocaust Poem to Compare Hong Kong Protesters to Nazis

The state news agency tweaked a poem by German pastor Martin Niemöller’s anti-Nazi poem, effectively comparing protesters to cowardly Germans who didn’t stand up to the Nazis.


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It Looks Like Germany's Worst Fear Just Happened: a Far-right Political Assassination

“There has never been a case like this in the history of [modern Germany]”


German Cookie Fortune Heir Apologises for Saying Nazi-Era Forced Labourers Were Treated 'Well'

At a recent conference, 25-year-old Verena Bahlsen also said, "I want to make money and buy sailing yachts from my dividend and stuff."


The Holocaust Prisoners Who Risked Their Lives to Sneak Evidence from Concentration Camps

It's the story of men and women who enlightened the world as to what was happening in the extermination camps.


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Author and ayuverdic treatment expert Jasmine Hemsley on the best retreats outside the discipline's mother country.


Germany Introduces a Third Gender Category on Official Documents

While Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, and Nepal have already introduced similar legislation, Germany is the first European country to do so.


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This German snapper criss-crosses the globe shooting action sports - here he shares his all-time favorite photos.


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How One Sex Toy Screwed Over an Entire Airport

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