Environmental Extremes

Climate Change Could Erase Human History. These Archivists Are Trying to Save It

Climate change making the word hotter, more humid, and more stormy—all conditions that put sensitive paper archives at risk. This problem is forcing us to ask, which histories will we choose to remember?
Caroline Haskins
3 days ago
Environmental Extremes

This Is What Australia's Recycling Crisis Looks Like

In 2018 China stopped accepting their recyclable waste. They've been dumping it in landfill and stashing it in warehouses ever since.
Gavin Butler
Julian Morgans
5 days ago
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Bangladesh to Replace ‘Virgin’ With ‘Unmarried’ Before Bride’s Name in Muslim Marriage Certificate

Activists see the verdict as a ‘landmark’ win over a provision that violates the right to privacy and is discriminatory against women who want to get married.
Pallavi Pundir

Centuries-Old Sea Captain Diaries Are Confirming Modern Climate Science

Whalers voyaged to locations far beyond established sea lanes, which means their logbooks are filled with rare and valuable weather observations.
Becky Ferreira

The First Lesbian Porn and 10 Other Revealing Artifacts from Lesbian History

The Lesbian Herstory Archives also include a Japanese "dyketionary" and a diary documenting what it was like to be queer in 1950's small-town Ohio.
Oriana Leckert

Some Asian Governments Claim LGBTQ Culture Is a Western Invention: Here’s Why That’s Garbage

From androgynous priests in Malaysia, to cross-dressing mediums in Vietnam, Asia has a proud tradition of gender-defying ritualism stretching back thousands of years.
Sarah Ngu

This Ancient Prince's Tomb Was Found Between a Pub and a Supermarket

Scientists unveil new insights about the 6th century 'Prince of Prittlewell.'
Becky Ferreira

How ‘Bluelight’ Became a Life-Saving Encyclopedia for Drug Info

The internet's largest forum for drug discussion started life in the 90s as a message board called "MDMA Clearinghouse."
Sam Nichols

The Bizarre History of Trying to Design Cars for Women

After decades of the auto industry reducing women's needs to the color pink, a team of women designers at Volvo attempted to design a concept car that women would actually want to drive.
Katie Sehl

The ‘Reog’ Dance Proves Homosexuality Is an Ancient Tradition in Indonesia

The dance, which tells an intimate love story between two male characters, was created all the way in the 15th century.
Muhammad Ishomuddin
chain restaurants

Company That Owns Krispy Kreme Pledges $11 Million to Charity After Nazi Past Revealed

Younger members of the Reimann family, which runs JAB holdings, were "ashamed" by what a historian found in their family tree.
Jelisa Castrodale

The Runner Who Hid Her Gender to Be the First Woman in the Boston Marathon

When 20-year-old Kathrine Switzer bucked the Boston Marathon's rules in order to compete, a man tried to physically remove her from the race.
Bianca Betancourt