Facebook Removed Hundreds of Accounts for Allegedly Spreading Propaganda in Indonesia

Accounts that shared content in favour of independence in the Papua region were linked to an Indonesian media firm.


Churches in Papua Give Temporary Shelter to Muslim Migrants Amid Riots

Knowing the rioters wouldn’t enter places of worship, church leaders decided to take people in for protection.


Indonesian Government Denies Involvement in Spreading Hoaxes About Student Protesters

The government allegedly spreads online content that accuse demonstrators of triggering riots.


Joaquin Phoenix's Profanity-Laden 'Joker' Outtake Was a Hoax

After footage of Phoenix cussing out a cinematographer on set made the rounds, his publicist revealed the whole thing was fake.


A Guy Just Scammed People by Promoting an Orgy That Didn’t Exist

The poster of naked women advertising an “unlimited sex” nude party in Goa that went viral on social media was actually just a hoax.


An Indian Guy Tried to Stop His Wife From Leaving the Country by Telling Airport Authorities She Was a Suicide Bomber

He made a hoax bomb threat and called his wife a ‘fidayeen’ in the hope that it would prevent her from leaving him.


Vintage Disney VHS Tapes Are Selling For Thousands of Dollars on eBay

But is anyone really buying them or is it all a scam?


Jussie Smollett Charged With Felony for Filing False Police Report

The actor claimed he was attacked by two masked men who shouted racist and homophobic slurs.


There's a $100K Reward Going for People Who Prove They're Psychic

According to the prize's organiser no one has come close to winning in 39 years.


'I’m Like a Lawyer Defending My Political Clients': A Profile of a Social Media Puppet Master

In the final part of "Mass Confusion," writer Adi Renaldi spends the day with a man who coordinates everything from the most-positive social strategies to the darkest of black campaigns.


We're All Living In a Reality TV Show and No One Cares

How the controversy surrounding a pretty lame "magic trick," is the perfect metaphor for life in 2018.