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Tourists Will Soon Be Able to Live Like Prisoners in Asia’s Biggest Jail

India’s Tihar Jail plans to offer visitors the real prison experience such as living in a locked-up cell, eating jail food, wearing the uniform and possibly chilling with some real inmates.


I Tried to Take My Own Life but Survived. Here’s Why Talking About Mental Health Is Important.

There is a stigma associated with suicide in Indian society, but talking about it may break the pattern.


An Indian Family Drowned After Trying to Take a Selfie by a Dam

A 14-year-old boy slipped, dragging three others down with him.


India’s #MeToo Moment Was Groundbreaking, but What Has Changed a Year After?

Prominent actors, journalists, and artists accused of sexual harassment are back in the mainstream after intimidation tactics were thrown at survivors. Is this how it ends?


We Spoke to People Who Faced a Police Crackdown While Trying to Protect Mumbai’s Trees

People who were at the scene at Aarey Colony over the weekend open up about what it's like to stand up to the aggressive stance of the state authorities and try to protect the environment.


The Indian Government Is Trying to Erase the Citizenship of Millions. Climate Change Might Get There First

An entire community of Bengali Muslims faces an uncertain future amidst rising anti-Muslim sentiment in India, which has only been made worse by the threat of their land being washed away.


An Indian Man Found Out His Organs are On the Wrong Side of His Body

Jamaluddin went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain, only to find out that his heart was placed on the right side of his body, while his gall bladder and liver were on the left.


The Indian Government Now Wants To Postpone Its Plastic Ban Because of Economic Slowdown and Unemployment

On October 2, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that they would phase out single-use plastics by 2022 instead.


India’s Heaviest Monsoon in 25 Years Has Led to Over 1600 Deaths

Data released by the federal home ministry calculates 1,673 deaths caused by floods and heavy rains.


A Guy Just Scammed People by Promoting an Orgy That Didn’t Exist

The poster of naked women advertising an “unlimited sex” nude party in Goa that went viral on social media was actually just a hoax.


Secret Cameras Hidden in Lipsticks Were Used in India’s Biggest Sex Scandal

The extortion racket run by five women, which involved blackmailing politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, used high-tech gear to secretly record victims.


As Indian Prime Minister Modi Lands in Chennai, #GoBackModi Starts Trending Again

The hashtag has trended on Twitter every time Modi has visited the Tamil Nadu city since April 2018.