Turkey's Offensive Against the Kurds in Syria is Underway and Already Deadly

President Erdoğan launched airstrikes and sent in troops after Trump pulled U.S. forces from the region, abandoning a key ally in the fight against ISIS.


ISIS Is Using Internet Propaganda to Maintain a 'Virtual Caliphate,' UN Report Says

The report, which argues the internet still gives the terror group global reach, urges nations to spy on the dark web.


"American Taliban" John Walker Lindh Is Getting Out of Prison Today. He Still Might Be Radicalized.

A 2017 report said he “continued to advocate for global jihad and to write and translate violent extremist texts"


Iraq Sentences Four French Men to Death for Joining ISIS

The French government has pledged to prevent their sentences from being carried out.


Sri Lanka’s Muslims Fear Retaliation and Alienation in Wake of Easter Bombings

Muslims make up less than 10 percent of Sri Lanka’s population and have historically faced persecution by right-wing Buddhist groups.


We Ask Sri Lankan Catholic Youth How the Easter Bombings Changed Their Lives

“The fact that all those people died in a church—a place we all thought beyond doubt was one of the safest places to be in—is just not fair.”


Sri Lanka’s Grief Over Easter Attacks Is Turning to Fury at the Government

What we know, and still don’t know, about the bombings in Sri Lanka.


ISIS Isn't Dead. It's Just Moving to Countries Like Sri Lanka

Defeated in Iraq and Syria, ISIS still has the capacity to support terror elsewhere.


Inside the Last Days of ISIS

“We left charred bodies and destroyed homes behind.”


Indonesia’s Latest Suicide Bombing Is a Sign of Women’s Increasing Role in Terrorism

A woman blew herself up in a police raid after her husband, an alleged ISIS-linked terrorist, was arrested on Wednesday.


2018 Was the Deadliest Year on Record for Civilians in Afghanistan

“The fact that the number of children killed this year is the highest on record is particularly shocking.”


An Interview with Two Recently Captured ISIS Prisoners

The world wants to wash its hands of the people who have escaped the Islamic State.