Facebook Removed Hundreds of Accounts for Allegedly Spreading Propaganda in Indonesia

Accounts that shared content in favour of independence in the Papua region were linked to an Indonesian media firm.


Most Deepfakes Are Used for Creating Non-Consensual Porn, Not Fake News

A new study examined thousands of deepfake videos posted online.


Here's How Google Sends Advertising Dollars to Fake News Sites

New research shows Google’s online ad tech places ads on 70% of 1,700 sites purveying misinformation.


China Used Twitter Porn Bots to Spread Disinformation About the Hong Kong Protests

It also used long-standing accounts linked to K-pop and sports in a “blunt-force influence operation" to discredit the pro-democracy protests.


Some Indian Women Are Quietly Cancelling Their Periods, and It’s Empowering

While we’ve been conditioned to believe that a monthly period is a sign of good health, women actually have a choice to give up on menstruation. We meet some Indian women who’ve made that choice.


WhatsApp Launches a Tip Line for Misinformation in India Ahead of Elections

WhatsApp has been struggling to address misinformation and rumors on its app without compromising security. “Checkpoint Tipline” gives users in India an opt-in option to submit rumors for fact-checking.


How Facebook Trains Content Moderators to Put Out ‘PR Fires’ During Elections

Internal Facebook documents obtained by Motherboard show specific steps and strategies taken by the company to fight content moderation issues that may spike during an election season.


Facebook Is Rating Users' Trustworthiness, But It Won't Say How

In an effort to fight fake accounts and misinformation, Facebook is implementing a scale that ranks users’ trustworthiness from zero to one.