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The Philippines Is Deploying 'Really Pretty' Female Officers to Distract Drivers from Traffic

Here’s why the sexism is not that surprising.
Natashya Gutierrez
a day ago

Duterte Signs an Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill He'll Have Trouble Following

The Philippine president is on record exhibiting many of the acts deemed unlawful by the bill.
Lex Celera
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#KuToo Is The Japanese Movement Against Wearing High Heels

Referencing #MeToo, this women's movement combines the Japanese words for shoes (kutsu) and pain (kutsuu).
Shamani Joshi
Edoardo Liotta

Ranking The Worst Sexist Comments President Duterte Has Made About Women

From calling women bitches at a female empowerment event, to flirting with the Vice President at a typhoon commemoration, here are the 7 worst comments the Philippine leader has made about women.
Edoardo Liotta
The Least You Could Do

100 More Things You Can Do to Make Women's Lives Easier

If you think you don't need this list because you've already got it figured out, read it five times.
Broadly Staff

Is This the Face of South Korea's New Anti-Feminist Movement?

San E, a rapper, recently released a tirade against the women's rights movement called "Feminist."
Daniel Darmawan

The Moroccan Photographer Tackling Misogyny in the Arab World

Through her photography, Fatima Zohra Serri finds unique ways to express her views on the position of women in her community.
Zineb Houssine

Feminist Activists Fear Misandry Could Become a Hate Crime in the UK

Prejudice against men could be outlawed under proposed changes to the law, but some women fear that men's rights activists could abuse the protections to silence them.
Sirin Kale
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Iranian Women Fight for Right to be Soccer Fans at the World Cup

A group of nine fans have travelled to the World Cup to protest against the rules banning women from stadiums back home during each of Iran’s matches.
David Cox

Misogyny Is Literally Killing Indonesian Women

Writer and activist Kate Walton uncovered hundreds of cases of women who were murdered by men in a given year.
Adi Renaldi

With #KillTheKing, Heavy Metal Is Having Its #MeToo Moment

We spoke to the women behind a growing movement against misogyny and rape culture within the high-decibel music scene, and asked: can metal change?
Kim Kelly
I'm a Woman, AMA

Is Cheating Misogynistic?

An advice column, for men.
Megan Nolan