The Smallest Fossilized Monkey Ever Is the Size of a Hamster

Parvimico materdei lived about 18 million years ago in what is now the Peruvian Amazon.
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Mammals Are Dying at an Alarming Rate Even in Unpolluted Forests

Scientists made maps to show how mammals in an intact habitat still face major pressures from human hunters.
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The Louder the Monkey, the Smaller Its Balls, Study Finds

Howler monkeys can be well-endowed in the voice box or the family jewels, but not both.
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Meet the Real Monkey Men of Delhi

When animal rights activists stopped monkey-wranglers from using langurs to chase bandars, these men retrained—one screeching gurgle at a time.
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What Monkeys and ‘Dognition’ Can Teach Us About the Human Brain

Humans clearly have advanced mental abilities compared to other animals on Earth. Laurie Santos wants to know what makes us special.
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Why Rich People Are Obsessed With Owning Exotic Animals

Is buying a tiger a rite of passage for the ultra rich?
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Monkeys Know More About Money Than You Do

They don't know everything, but monkeys, squirrels, and birds are often smarter about personal finance than humans. Here are a few lessons from the animal kingdom.
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Dogs Will Like You Better if You're Nice to People, Study Says

Your dog may seem all sweet and innocent, but it turns out she's secretly judging you all the time.
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