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Air New Zealand Lifts Staff Tattoo Ban Over Fears of Māori Discrimination

As of September 1, all new and existing staff will be allowed to have non-offensive tattoos visible when wearing their uniform.
Gavin Butler
5 days ago
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Researchers are Developing a Toilet that Microwaves Your Shit Until it Disappears

The New Zealand-based company is hoping that a poo-vaporising toilet might help solve sanitation problems in developing countries.
Gavin Butler

New Zealand Just Filed Its First-Ever Terrorism Charges Against the Christchurch Mosque Shooter

He’s been charged under New Zealand’s terrorism suppression law, which was enacted in 2002 after the 9/11 attacks in New York City.
Tess Owen
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The Number of Māori Babies Being Taken by the State is on the Rise in New Zealand

For every 10,000 Māoris born in New Zealand in 2018, 102 were taken away from their parents—more than quadruple the rate for the rest of the population.
Gavin Butler

New Zealand Man Goes Swimming, Finds Footprints of Extinct Mega-Bird

“I was just going for a casual swim, so it’s escalated a bit.”
Sarah Emerson

New Zealand Prisons Installed Almost 200 Slushie Machines Last Year

The leader of the country’s National Party is calling the machines an “extraordinary waste of taxpayers’ money."
Bettina Makalintal
Australia Today

Turks Banned from Attending Dawn Service at Gallipoli Amid Security Fears

The Turkish government has prohibited locals from attending tomorrow's Anzac Day ceremonies citing post-Christchurch tensions.
Gavin Butler
christchurch shootings

Every MP in New Zealand Backed the Post-Christchurch Gun Ban… Except One

Libertarian ACT Party's David Seymour was the only MP to vote against a restriction on military-style weapons.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

The Christchurch Shooter has Been Charged with 50 Counts of Murder

The man responsible for the shooting deaths of 50 Muslim worshippers last month was initially charged with just one murder. This afternoon, New Zealand police announced more than 50 additional charges.
Gavin Butler
White Nationalism

Austrian White Nationalist Accused of Ties to NZ Mosque Shooter Is Making Money off Youtube

Martin Sellner raked in €​545 from donations during one, 45-minute press conference on YouTube, where he denied having ties to the New Zealand mosque shooter.
Tess Owen
Christchurch shooting

Australian Muslims Describe How Christchurch Has Changed Their Lives

"People have been looking at me longer than usual, and I wonder: are they looking at me because they feel sorry for me? Or are they looking at me because they agree with what that man did?"
Jennine Khalik
Christchurch shooting

Egg Boy Finally Speaks Up, Says the Incident Has ‘United People’

Will Connolly made his first TV appearance on Monday.
Edoardo Liotta