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Medals at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics Will Be Made From Recycled Phones

Nothing like being a good sport with some environmentally-conscious bling.
Shamani Joshi

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics Might Just Be the Best One Yet

After stumbling through scandal and doubts, Japan is determined to do a good job at next year's Olympics.
Lex Celera
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These Gamers Make Significantly More Money Than Their Heads of State

In the countries analyzed, 70 percent of top online gamers earned more than their chief executives. In short, gamers may now tell their parents: “I told you so.”
Meera Navlakha
southeast asia

For the First Time Ever, eSports Will be a Medal Event in the Southeast Asian Games

The 2019 SEA Games will include ‘Dota 2,’ ‘Tekken 7,’ and ‘Mobile Legends’ among others
Lex Celera
god squad

Holy Shit: Vatican Track Team Aiming for Olympics

Fine, it doesn't seem like Pope Francis is going to be on the squad. But you know he's rooting for them—and that's one holy cheerleader.
Liam Daniel Pierce
So Bored Today

The Olympics Are World Class at Being Boring

One competition is seriously just horses walking around.
Harry Cheadle

In Defense of Olympic Skateboarding

I’m not advocating for the Olympics—this is just why I don’t care about skateboarding being in them.
Cole Nowicki
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Mexico's Cross-Country Skier Finishes Last, Wins Olympics

Give this guy all the medals.
Drew Schwartz
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Video Games Might Become an Olympic Sport

Tennis, gymnastics, basketball and...Overwatch?
Katherine Gillespie