Surreal Photos of Strangers and Lovers in a Paris Hotel

No. 223 (aka Lin Zhipeng) took over the Hôtel Grand Amour for three days, capturing models he found on Instagram — "All Asians. And older than 18!"— in playfully erotic posts.
Sarah Moroz
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Unearthed Photos of Paris's Trans Community in the 1970s

Photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood's latest book helps to rediscover Paris' energetic Pigalle district.
Louis Dabir

Suspenseful Photos of Precariously Balanced Objects

Florent Tanet gives a new meaning to "on edge."
Beckett Mufson

The Spanish Aristocrat Who Claims He Should Be the King of France

We headed out for a day with Louis “King Louis XX” Alphonse – a direct heir to the obviously defunct French throne – and his supporters.
Bruno Lus
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Some Rich Guy Paid $3 Million for a Mystery Dinosaur Skeleton

And now he gets to name a new species.
Julian Morgans
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Dad of the Kid 'Spider-Man' Rescued from a Balcony Was Out Playing 'Pokémon Go'

Gotta catch 'em all—unless they're your toddler.
Drew Schwartz

If You Think You're Too Decadent, Just Try Feasting Like a 19th-Century Parisian

A feast might include 25 hors d’oeuvres, 15 roasts, and 28 different types of fish, all washed down with 8 bottles of wine. Per person.
Emily Monaco
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Living in a Brutal World

The author of a new book on Brutalism selects his ten favourites from around the world
Elias Redstone
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Harvey Weinstein's Private Investigators, Update on Texas Massacre, and Taylor Swift: The VICE Morning Bulletin

Everything you need to know about the world this morning, curated by VICE.
VICE Staff
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Video Games Might Become an Olympic Sport

Tennis, gymnastics, basketball and...Overwatch?
Katherine Gillespie
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A Review of Jamiroquai’s First Show in Seven Years by Someone Who Doesn’t Know Shit About Jamiroquai

I went to Paris a blank canvas, but watching Jay Kay sing about cosmic girls and space cowboys for two and a half hours gave me my life.
Emma Garland

When Did EDM Become So Full of Self-Pity?

The trend is clear. Mainstream electronic music is trying to get serious.
Angus Harrison