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Inside Indonesia’s Islamic Boarding School Fight Club

In the ring, children, senior citizens, and professional fighters go head to head.


These Photos Capture 70 Years of Teenage Subcultures

From goths loitering outside shopping centres to 90s clubkids and lairy football fans, the newly opened Museum of Youth Culture celebrates the excitement and confusion of growing up.


A Photographer Traces Your Hair Extensions All the Way Back to China

Most hair extensions in Australia and New Zealand come from teenage girls in rural China.


We Visited Indonesia’s Giant Community-Destroying Oil Spill

Ordinary citizens worry about how to survive a disaster caused by Indonesia’s largest oil company.


I Photographed the ‘World’s Dirtiest River’ For Eight Years. Here’s What I Saw.

The many chemicals polluting the river have penetrated groundwater wells and surrounding rice paddies, causing nearby residents to suffer rashes and lung inflammation.


Rare Candid Portraits of Drag Artists That Capture What’s Underneath

I wanted spontaneous portraits of Bushwig's drag performers—so I scared them with a fake rat.


Indonesian Men Go Head-to-Head in Competitive Train-Pulling Tournaments

Railroad workers, porters, and construction workers measure their strength in this colossal showdown.


The Crazy Lifestyle of a Pop Star’s Personal Photographer

Advice from the people following The 1975, Dua Lipa, and Rita Ora around the world


Intimate Images of One of the Largest Refugee Populations in the World

Sara Hylton's portfolio documents displacement among Afghan children living at the I-12 settlement in Pakistan.


This Japanese Artist Vacuum-Seals Couples. Now He Includes Their House.

Haruhiko Kawaguchi aka Photographer Hal, hopes to capture a couple's relationship with society through his latest project.


Never-Before-Seen Images of London's Punk Scene

"I wasn’t a punk. I was an art school rebel documenting the scene."


This Photoshoot Aims to Change How Asian Women Are Represented in Fashion

“Being Asian is not one look. Being Asian is not one culture.”