The ‘World’s Largest Dump’ Is in Indonesia and It’s a Ticking Time Bomb

We take a closer look at that dumpsite reposted by Leonardo DiCaprio on Instagram


Pakistan Authorities Promise a Bounty of over $600 to Those Who Snitch on Litterers

Sindh minister Saeed Ghani is asking potential whistleblowers in Karachi to film people while throwing garbage, and WhatsApp their identification to the authorities.


Thai Stores Will Stop Distributing Single-Use Plastic Bags by 2020

Thailand is one of the biggest waste producers in the world but it is now making an effort to change this.


Critically Endangered Species May Go Extinct as Land Degrades

Species with depleting populations could be casualties of desertification.


A Recent Study Links Air Pollution and Mental Illness

Depression and bipolar disorder were found to be more common in major cities.


You’re Literally Sprinkling Plastic On Your Food

A study published this week in ‘Environmental Science & Technology’ sampled salt brands from across the globe and found 92 percent contained microplastics.


Jakartans Sue The Government Over Poor Air Quality

With Jakarta consistently topping the list of cities with the worst air pollution, a group of fathers, NGOs, and online motorcycle taxi drivers are taking matters into their own hands.


You're Likely Inhaling 11 Tiny Bits of Plastic Per Hour

A new study suggests that our lungs are under siege in our own homes.


Sustainable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Packaging Should Be Everywhere

With the likes of mushroom wrap and sugar-cane plastic, the list of environmentally-friendly alternatives is growing longer. So why is plastic still so widespread?


These Photos Document the Most Polluted Cities in India (and the World)

"We tend to resort to fatalism and apocalyptic thinking, which ends up letting everyone off the hook. But most people don’t have that choice."


In Singapore, Tossing A Rubber Band On The Floor Can Land You A $300 Fine

Fines for littering in the green city can be as high as $19,800. Ouch.


Scientists Prove China Is Emitting Illegal Ozone Depleting Gasses

In a no longer secret attempt, China tried to circumvent laws that ban certain gasses that are harmful to our atmosphere.