A Chinese Woman Allegedly Helped 500 Mothers Give Birth in the US to Get Their Babies Citizenship

She’s part of the popular “birth tourism” industry.


It Will Soon Be Illegal to Get Paid as a Surrogate Mother in India

The proposed bill says surrogacy will only involve Indian couples, and will be done by a ‘close relative’, with no money involved.


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Women With These Uterus Problems Often Don't Find Out Until They Get Pregnant

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Yes, You Can Get Pregnant When You're Already Pregnant

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Nigerian Hospitals Are Locking Up Women Unable to Pay Their Childbirth Bills

Fashion designer Folake Oduyoye died in custody in 2016 after her hospital refused to discharge her until she paid her outstanding bill. Her death is part of a global phenomenon known as hospital detention.


Woman Gives Birth Twice In A Month

The 20-year-old had never had an ultrasound in her life, so she didn't know she had two uteruses.


Someone in China Built a Creepy Database of 1.8 Million Women and Their 'BreedReady' Status

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I'm Obsessed with the Story of Lil Xan's Allegedly Fake Ultrasound Pics

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A Sperm Drought Is Hitting New Zealand Fertility Clinics

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