The Grim Realities of Sexual Assault on College Campuses in Indonesia

Watch our new documentary on what is, and isn't, done by universities to protect victims of sexual assault.
Alia Marsha
Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Broken Faith: Inside the Catholic Church’s Plan to Quietly Pay Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Church is launching private settlement programs just as states are making it possible for more child sex abuse victims to sue.
Carter Sherman
Joe Hill

Videos of Gang Rape Are Being Sold in India for Less Than $1

In Uttar Pradesh, you can walk into a store and buy video clips of horrific attacks shot on mobile phones. Now anti-rape campaigners are fighting back.
Sunaina Kumar

Singapore Is About to Make Stealthing Illegal

That's taking off a condom during sex without the other person's consent, if you didn't know.
Alia Marsha
sexual harassment

Thai Yoga School Reopens After Sex Assault Scandal

Just three months after its leader Narcis Tarcau was accused of rape, Agama School in Koh Phangan is open for business—with Tarcau still teaching classes.
Mustika Hapsoro
Sexual Assault NZ

These Photos of Sexual Assault Survivors Go Beyond the Stock Image Cliches

New Zealand photographer Megan Bowers-Vette is tackling shame and creating a community with the Us Project.
Frances Morton

A Lawyer Tells Us How Crimes Are Committed ‘Legally’ In This Indian Town

A veteran defence lawyer tells us how murders are committed as “accidents” and how the law upholds the might of the land mafia.
Zeyad Masroor Khan

The Gun Made Just for Indian Women Has Been a Spectacular Failure

Buyers and sellers both hate it.
Parthshri Arora

What We Talk About When We Talk About Rape

Rape is draining. Rape is harsh. And more than anything else, rape is complex. In her latest book, Sohaila Abdulali talks about the rage and joys of survivors, and why it’s important to fit both into our lives.
Pallavi Pundir; Excerpts from Sohaila Abdulali’s "Wha

This Is the Emotional and Financial Cost of Sexual Assault

I sometimes find myself very depressed over the question “who would I be had I not been raped?”
Lori Fox
Ghost Stories

The Kolor Ijo Is a Terrifying Serial Rapist Based on Some Real-Life Monsters

There's some real monsters out there.
Alia Marsha
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Teenage Girl Raped By Brother, Then Jailed for Aborting Pregnancy, Released on Appeal

But not before she served one month behind bars.
Alice .