Inmates Take Justice Into Their Own Hands By Welcoming Serial Rapist to Jail With a Beating

An Indonesian inmate who raped his daughter 50 times in the past four years earned himself quite a welcome in prison.
Ikhwan Hastanto
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Indian Movie Theatres Are Going to Screen Ads to Educate People About Child Sexual Assault

This comes in response to an “alarming rise” in child rape cases around the country.
Shamani Joshi

An Indonesian Rape Victim Is Cleared of Illegal Abortion Charges

The 15-year-old was earlier jailed for terminating her pregnancy, outraging human rights activists.
Meera Navlakha
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Indian Rape Laws Cannot Be Gender-Neutral, Says Central Government

The Ministry of Home Affairs took a tough stand and acknowledged that victims of sexual harassment in India are mostly women, and the perpetrators, mostly men.
Pallavi Pundir

Japan’s Outdated Sexual Assault Laws Are Leading to Unjust Rape Acquittals

According to a century-old Japanese law, a crime isn’t considered rape unless the woman tried to fight back.
Edoardo Liotta

This Indian Minister Isn’t Sure if Married Women Can Be Sexually Abused

After being asked about the murder of a two-year-old girl, an Indian Minister went on a tangent to speak out about the “different nature” of rape if it involves a married woman.
Lex Celera

Ranking The Worst Sexist Comments President Duterte Has Made About Women

From calling women bitches at a female empowerment event, to flirting with the Vice President at a typhoon commemoration, here are the 7 worst comments the Philippine leader has made about women.
Edoardo Liotta

The Grim Realities of Sexual Assault on College Campuses in Indonesia

Watch our new documentary on what is, and isn't, done by universities to protect victims of sexual assault.
Alia Marsha
Catholic Church Sex Abuse

Broken Faith: Inside the Catholic Church’s Plan to Quietly Pay Survivors of Sexual Abuse

The Church is launching private settlement programs just as states are making it possible for more child sex abuse victims to sue.
Carter Sherman
Joe Hill

Videos of Gang Rape Are Being Sold in India for Less Than $1

In Uttar Pradesh, you can walk into a store and buy video clips of horrific attacks shot on mobile phones. Now anti-rape campaigners are fighting back.
Sunaina Kumar

Singapore Is About to Make Stealthing Illegal

That's taking off a condom during sex without the other person's consent, if you didn't know.
Alia Marsha
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Thai Yoga School Reopens After Sex Assault Scandal

Just three months after its leader Narcis Tarcau was accused of rape, Agama School in Koh Phangan is open for business—with Tarcau still teaching classes.
Mustika Hapsoro