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The Ultra-Orthodox Community's Sex Abuse Crisis Has Finally Reached a Tipping Point

Thanks to a new law, one of the most secretive and isolated subcultures in the United States is facing possible exposure.


The Female Pastors Making Space for Queer Christians to Express Their Faith

A new vanguard of female pastors is fighting for LGBTQ equality, standing up to a church that has long disempowered both women and queer people.


A Mosque in Jakarta Held a Christian Funeral Service in Its Courtyard

The scene went viral, giving people hope that different faiths can support each other despite recent incidents of intolerance.


In Singapore, A Christian Group Aims to Help LGBTQ Individuals ‘Overcome’ Being Gay

True Love claims to be doing nothing more than supporting fellow Christians. But critics say their faint rainbow-coloured liberalism is just a way to cover their true, intolerant intentions.


Jakarta Partygoers Beware: A Religious Leader Is Stopping by Your Nightclubs to Give Sermons

For 14 years, a cleric named Gus Miftah has been delivering religious sermons at nightclubs around Yogyakarta and Bali. Now, it’s Jakarta’s turn, thanks to a blessing from the governor.


China Claims Uighurs Were Forced Into Islam

In an effort to fight international criticism, the government claims that history is being distorted and that Uighurs were not originally Muslims by choice.


Why Are Some Muslim Countries Standing in Solidarity With China?

Political power and economic motivations are compelling reasons for Muslim nations to continue their support, despite China's persecution of Uighurs.


In Indonesia, Muslim Youth are Turning to Their Clerics to Find Them a Wife

As religious conservatism increases in the country, more and more young people are choosing to marry early to avoid what Islam considers the sin of premarital sex.


A Bishop Wants to Solve Gang Violence by Spraying Holy Water from a Helicopter

It seems like just another tone-deaf idea from a deeply troubled Church.


Indonesian Prisoners Are Turning to Religion and Removing Their Tattoos

With tattoos considered forbidden in Islam, religious groups are converting Indonesian prisoners through free tattoo removal.


An Islamic Body in Indonesia Forbids Women From Playing Football

The U.S. Women’s National Football team just capped off an inspiring World Cup victory, but in Indonesia, one city is forbidding women from playing the game.