Rich Chigga


Rich Brian on His Growth, Dreams, and Asian Identity

In an exclusive interview with VICE, Brian Imanuel talks about his new album ‘The Sailor,’ his career trajectory, his collaboration with Spotify, and meeting the President of Indonesia.
Yudhistira Agato

Rich Chigga Would Now Like You to Call Him Brian

"I have been planning to do this forever and I’m so happy to finally do it. I was naive & I made a mistake."
Dexter Thomas

Rich Chigga, the Teen Meme Creator and Rapper on Pioneering Label 88rising

88rising is shaking up record label rules while bringing Asian culture to new audiences worldwide. This week we get to know its artists, starting with rising star Brian Imanuel.
Clementine de Pressigny

We Talked to Indonesia's 'R&B Princess' NIKI About 'Going International,' and '90s Nostalgia

"I actually grew up listening to a lot of Destiny's Child because my mom was really into that late-'90s R&B. Like Boys II Men, Aaliyah, those kind of people."
Ethan Harfenist
New music

Meet the Latest Indonesian R&B Singer Trying to Take Over the US

Niki's latest is a buttery time capsule of everything we loved about the 90s.
Katyusha Methanisa
More Than Words

Why Do So Many Indonesians Think It's Cool to Say the 'N Word'?

Please. Just. Stop.
Alia Marsha
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Rich Chigga is Pushing Flower Power in 'Glow Like Dat'

Jakarta's rising hip-hop star gets all emotional on his latest video.
Katyusha Methanisa

18 Million Views and Counting: Rich Chigga Talks Going Global and His New Friend Ghostface

The 17-year-old rapper and comedian had the Wu-Tang member jump on his incredibly viral track "Dat $tick," so we asked him about it.
Justin Staple