Scientists Are Chasing an Ancient Signal That Could Explain the Modern Universe

The faint, 12-billion-year-old signal would lead scientists to the very first stars and illuminate the origins of the modern universe, dark matter, and, well, everything.


Ellen and Science Confirm: Rich People Only Care About Themselves

Ellen and Bush don’t really make the strangest of bedfellows, and we have the studies to prove it.


A Mysterious 'Fireball' Was Spotted In Chile and Nobody Knows What It Was

A meteor? Space junk? Nobody knows, but officials investigated whether the mysterious object, or objects, started several fires.


NASA Mic'd Up Mars and Uploaded It to Soundcloud

Listen to the sounds of wind, marsquakes, and instruments on the red planet.


A Nearby Cannibal Galaxy Is Going to Eat the Milky Way, Scientists Say

If Earth still hosts life in four billion years, whatever exists will be treated to the most spectacular night skies in the planet's history.


Scientists Edited Fruit Fly Genes to Give Them Butterflies' Toxic Abilities

Scientists, having a normal one, created mutant toxic fruit flies using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing.


Scientists Want You to Play a Video Game to Help Them Understand Nuclear War

'SIGNAL' is an interesting, if flawed, multiplayer game that tries to simulate decision-making in the high stakes scenario of nuclear war for research purposes.


Climate Strikers Want to Know When the Earth Will Die. We Asked a Scientist.

Ever wondered “How long do we have until the Earth is dead?” So has 10-year-old Sam Berliner.


Astronomers Around the World Can Now Use China’s Alien-Hunting Telescope

It was previously only available to Chinese astronomers.


Three Supermassive Black Holes Are on a Crash Course, NASA Says

“This is the strongest evidence yet found for such a triple system of actively feeding supermassive black holes.”


This ‘Spaceplane’ Could Get You from Sydney to London in Four Hours

There are plans to start running test flights of the 'hypersonic' jet in the mid-2020s.


Scientists Find Black Carbon Particles in Placenta Of Pregnant Women Exposed to Air Pollution

Research reveals that these particles, usually found in emissions from coal power plants and car exhausts, can potentially transfer to unborn babies and lead to low birth weight, miscarriages and premature births.