Are You Getting Any? I Keep a Spreadsheet of Everyone I’ve Ever Slept With

Data analyst Violet records how many times she has sex with a partner, their location and occupation.
Nana Baah
an hour ago
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Well, You Might Lose Your Instagram Account If You Post a Selfie With a Sex Toy

'Are You The One?' star Remy Duran appears to have lost his account for posing with a piece of plastic and his newly minted partner from the reality show.
Harron Walker
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Meet the Australian Marsupial That Literally Shags Itself to Death

Researchers confirmed that male kalutas are dying en masse after "intense" mating sessions driven by polyamorous females.
Gavin Butler
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Here's How Much Pornhub Knows About You

Advertisers can target your location, language, sexual preferences and the specific browser you're using.
Sebastian Meineck

Queer Indians Tell Us How The Sex and Dating Scene Changed for Them in a Post-Section 377 India

The queer dating game still hasn't shaken off its 'hit it and quit it' mentality, leaving us craving for a hook-up and cautious about investing in a long-term relationship.
Queen B

Queer Indians Tell Us How Much has Changed Since Gay Sex Was Decriminalised A Year Ago

“I think that one thing that has changed with Section 377 being read down, is more respect for us, and a willingness to try to understand us.”
Shamani Joshi

The Story of the Couple Who Shagged in an MRI Machine for Science

In 1991 scientists created an internal image of the human body during sex. The image is pretty wild.
Julian Morgans
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Sex Education Camps Are Now a Thing in China

Parents are worried that public schools aren't handling sex-ed very well, so they're sending their kids to "sex-ed camp."
Meera Navlakha

This Drug Gave Me Mind-Blowing Sex but Then Ruined My Life

Inhaling poppers may have made anal sex a breeze but it also took me down a slippery slope.
Navin Noronha

Pornhub Shot Some Porn on a Filthy Beach So You'll Care About the Ocean

This is legit the dirtiest porn ever.
Shamani Joshi
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An Organisation Backed by Right-Wing Hindu Nationalists Says There’s No Need for Sex Education in Schools

They believe that the things students should be aware of in terms of the human body and its parts, are already being taught through subjects like biology.
Dhvani Solani

How Posting Nudes on Twitter Is Helping Filipino Women Become More Sex Positive

The “alterverse” is a community on Twitter marked by sexually explicit content. It allows Filipino women to break free from the conservatism of Philippine society.
Fruhlein Chrys Econar