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China Rejects Same-Sex Marriage, Says Only Heterosexual Unions ‘Suit Country’s Condition’

Homosexuality is not a crime in the country but conversion therapy and persecution are rampant.
Pallavi Pundir

Katy Perry Has Been Accused of Sexual Misconduct

“Teenage Dream” co-star Josh Kloss said Perry exposed him at a party.
Carter Sherman

Duterte Signs an Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill He'll Have Trouble Following

The Philippine president is on record exhibiting many of the acts deemed unlawful by the bill.
Lex Celera
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Indian Rape Laws Cannot Be Gender-Neutral, Says Central Government

The Ministry of Home Affairs took a tough stand and acknowledged that victims of sexual harassment in India are mostly women, and the perpetrators, mostly men.
Pallavi Pundir
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A Mob of 500 Men Tried to Force a Dance Group to Strip at a Festival in India

Five of the accused have been caught by the police, who are still looking for the absconding organisers.
Shamani Joshi

Life Coach Tony Robbins Faces Allegations of Sexual Harassment

The news comes in the wake of his controversial comments around #MeToo.
Leila Ettachfini
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Singapore Just Banned Revenge Porn and Cyber Flashing

This is part of a major overhaul of the country’s penal code, which has also banned child sex dolls and criminalised marital rape.
Shamani Joshi
Social Media

This Illustrated Series Is Using Instagram to Spark Social Change

‘The Student’s Guide To Sexual Harassment’ is a tongue-in-cheek take by Sharath Ravishankar to raise awareness about mismanaged #MeToo claims.
Shamani Joshi
sexual harassment

Indonesian Middle Schoolers Walk Out to Protest a Teacher Accused of Sexual Harassment

Are teenagers taking the lead in the country's #MeToo movement?
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
sexual harassment

Thai Yoga School Reopens After Sex Assault Scandal

Just three months after its leader Narcis Tarcau was accused of rape, Agama School in Koh Phangan is open for business—with Tarcau still teaching classes.
Mustika Hapsoro
mental health

New Year, Same Struggles: Is Total LGBTQ Acceptance a Myth In India?

To help understand and normalize the conversations around the community, we asked its younger reps about their most pressing mental health issues.
Noel D'souza

Riding Solo: Photos of Indian Women Who Travel Alone

Commuting as a single female is never easy, but Indian women have developed their own unique defences to cope with potential harassers and threats.
Maansi Jain