Sharia Law


An Islamic Body in Indonesia Forbids Women From Playing Football

The U.S. Women’s National Football team just capped off an inspiring World Cup victory, but in Indonesia, one city is forbidding women from playing the game.
Adi Renaldi

Being Gay in Brunei Is Punishable By Death, Starting Today

Despite global outcry and calls for boycotts, Sultan Hassanal Bolki has shown no sign of reversing the draconian law.
Wendy Syfret

Brunei’s New Anti-LGBTQ Law Introduces Stoning and Whipping

The law is set to take effect next week.
Mustika Hapsoro
Edoardo Liotta

Shh... Diam! Is a Queer Band Fighting to Silence the LGBTQ Hate In Malaysia

The queercore band is undoing the harmful narratives of the LGBTQ community, one song at a time.
Lee Lian Kong
The VICE Guide to Right Now

There's No Such Thing as New Year's Eve In This Indonesian City

The party's always canceled in Banda Aceh.
Mustika Hapsoro
Secret Love

What It's Like to Date in a Place Where Even Sitting Too Close is Illegal

Young couples need to keep their relationships secret and an eye out for the Sharia police in Indonesia's Aceh province.
Hendri Abik
The Horses

Betting Big at Aceh's Semi-Legal Horse Races

In Indonesia's coffee country, the horses are legal, but the gambling isn't.
Hendri Abik

Two Gay Men Caned Under Sharia Law In Aceh, Once Again

Indonesia's anti-LGBTQ crackdown continues with the latest public display in its only Sharia province.
Hendri Abik
generation z

Turns Out Indonesian Teenagers are Really, Really Into Religion

The coolest kids in your high school are all members of your school's Islam Club.
Sattwika Duhita
Sharia Law

In Sharia Heartlands, Women are Punished for Wearing Too Little, Shunned for Wearing Too Much

Aceh is the only province in Indonesia allowed to enforce Sharia Law, but these conservative bonafides aren't stopping people from making fun of women who choose the full veil.
Hendri Abik
Sharia Law

There's a Battle Brewing Over Whether or Not the Public Can View Sharia Canings In Aceh

And, like everything these days, it has a lot to do with next year's presidential election.
Sattwika Duhita

Fear, and Defiance, In Aceh as Trans Women Come Under Attack

Authorities are arresting and forcibly shaving the heads of trans women detained in the latest anti-LGBTQ raids to hit Indonesia's only Shariah province.
Hendri Abik