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16-Year-Old Indian Activist Files Petition Against Amazon and Flipkart for Using Ridiculous Amounts of Packaging

The young activist said the companies use “excessive” plastic when delivering goods.


A Look at the Lives of People Separating Waste at One of Asia's Biggest Garbage Dumps

Between battling authorities who have closed off access to their only source of livelihood, harassment by the local mafia and a drug problem, this is the harsh reality of being a ragpicker at India’s Deonar dump.


It’s Too Late for Ethical Fashion

A sustainability expert explains that progress in the industry is cancelled out by the rate at which the fashion economy is speeding up.


Farming In A Concrete Jungle: How Singapore Is Securing Its Future Food Sources

As the population grows and food sources become scarcer, Singapore is investing in food security through technology.


Wonderfruit Wants to Build a 'Pop-Up City' Dedicated to Sustainable Living

Thailand's annual festival is trying to create a new model of eco-friendly living.


A Filipino Scientist Made Bioplastic Out Of Mango And Seaweed

Denxybel Montinola even made sure the sustainable plastic alternative was water-soluble.


Bali's First Design Festival is Making Luxury Sustainable

Potato Head Bali featured designers from Virgil Abloh to Max Lamb.


Japan Is Willing To Take Southeast Asia’s Trash

Japan has a plan for the region’s waste, which involves producing power from trash.


Sustainable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Packaging Should Be Everywhere

With the likes of mushroom wrap and sugar-cane plastic, the list of environmentally-friendly alternatives is growing longer. So why is plastic still so widespread?


Beyond Meat Is Great, But Asian Alternatives to Meat Might Be Even Greater

Localised ‘clean meat’ alternatives are gaining popularity in Asia, giving us hope for a more sustainable future.


How to Give Up Face Wipes for Good

The Beauty Algorithm proves going cold turkey on wet wipes isn’t actually that hard.


Do You Know Where Your Cotton Comes From?

We want to know what's gone into our soup — why not our clothes too? A new film from Volcom explores the benefits of organic cotton.