Sustainable Alternatives to Single-Use Plastic Packaging Should Be Everywhere

With the likes of mushroom wrap and sugar-cane plastic, the list of environmentally-friendly alternatives is growing longer. So why is plastic still so widespread?
Edoardo Liotta
3 days ago

Beyond Meat Is Great, But Asian Alternatives to Meat Might Be Even Greater

Localised ‘clean meat’ alternatives are gaining popularity in Asia, giving us hope for a more sustainable future.
Edoardo Liotta
4 days ago

How to Give Up Face Wipes for Good

The Beauty Algorithm proves going cold turkey on wet wipes isn’t actually that hard.
Shannon Peter

Do You Know Where Your Cotton Comes From?

We want to know what's gone into our soup — why not our clothes too? A new film from Volcom explores the benefits of organic cotton.
Jack Sunnucks
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Philippine Supermarkets Follow Thailand, Vietnam in Ditching Plastic for Leaves

Supermarkets big and small are embracing the eco-friendly alternative to wrapping fresh produce.
Lex Celera
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Supermarkets in Thailand and Vietnam Start Using Banana Leaves Instead of Plastic

Think of it as a very literal take on "green packaging".
Edoardo Liotta
The Least You Could Do

100 Ways to Be Less of a Colonialist Jerk When You Travel

Repeat after me: It is never OK to take pictures with smiling, barefoot children. Even if it's for your Tinder. Especially if it's for your Tinder.
Lynn Brown

Searches For Sustainable Fashion Have Increased by 66% in the Past Year

Research by fashion search engine Lyst suggests that consumers are being more aware and careful about what they purchase.
Roisin Lanigan
Save Yourselves

I Tried to Be Completely Sustainable for a Week

If climate change responsibility is going to be foisted onto individuals over governments, I thought I should check how hard it is to save the world.
Annie Lord

Watch 10,000 Maggots Scarf Down a Pizza in Two Hours

Black soldier flies are the Joey Chestnuts of the larvae world.
Becky Ferreira

China is Breeding an Army of Cockroaches to Eat its Food Scraps

The bugs are kept in facilities where they can be fed metric tons of garbage through a tube. Experts say it would be a "catastrophe" if they escaped.
Gavin Butler
palm oil

There's a New Hazelnut Spread in Town and It Wants to Take On Nutella

The Barilla Group is set to launch the palm-oil-free Crema Pan di Stelle in January of next year.
Danielle Wayda