Think Pieces

Think Pieces

We’re Addicted to Notifications, Likes and Follower Counts. So What Now?

Withholding notifications and then releasing them en masse is just one sinister tactic employed by social media platforms to increase our addiction. Do we need to take heed of Kanye's advice and eradicate follower numbers and likes altogether?
Claudia Paterson
Think Pieces

Keanu Forever: Why Keanu Reeves Is Perfect

We’ll never stop loving you, Keanu.
Philippa Snow
Think Pieces

BRB Texting, It’s All About Voice Notes Now

If you want to get close to someone, send them a voice note, maybe you can get stuck inside of their head.
Annie Lord

Lara Croft: Feminist Hero Or Just Another Male Fantasy?

Tracing the history of the most famous female computer game character, and figuring out her place in the world (real and virtual) today.
Matthew Whitehouse

What It Means to Be a Real Foodie

Foodie poseurs are coming out of the woodwork these days talking a big game about the nuances of food. It's more than just a word on your Facebook profile or the way you pronounce prosciutto.
Colin Nissan

A Girl’s Guide to Looking Good In Every Picture

Look, it’s bloomin’ hard to hit the nail on the proverbial head every time, but here’s how.
Bertie Brandes

​The Rise Of the Anti-Beauty Aesthetic

In a world of easy-to-access beauty, sometimes ugliness is the only way to stand out. We chart the aesthetic of ugliness from German expressionism to hardcore punk to the rise of Vetements.
Aleks Eror

How Fashion is Embracing the Pimple Positivity Movement We Desperately Need

Model Starlie Smith has opened the door for a meaningful conversation about acne on social media. Is embracing pimples the next step in proving that the ‘body positivity’ movement isn’t just skin deep?
Alice Newell-Hanson