Sri Lanka’s Tourism Business Slumps Following April Bombings

While tourism is the country's fastest-growing source of foreign currency, the central bank has lowered the industry's growth forecast in 2019.
Meera Navlakha
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Japan's Sacred Deer Keep Dying After Eating Plastic Bags Thinking They're Snacks

This came to light when a female deer died in May and 4.3 kgs of plastic waste and snack wrappers were found in its stomach.
Shamani Joshi
Sri Lanka Attacks

Everything We Know So Far About the Sri Lanka Bombings

It’s being called one of the bloodiest carnages since Sri Lanka's 25-year civil war ended a decade ago.
Pallavi Pundir

I Spent a Week Riding Absolutely Everywhere on a Segway

From tourist spots to a meeting at the office, I wanted to understand whether being on a Segway feels as ridiculous as it looks.
Marvin Xin Ku
Australia Today

Chinese Tourists Keep Visiting Sydney Uni Thinking It’s Hogwarts

Harry Potter wasn't filmed in Australia—but that isn't stopping tour guides from cashing in on the slight resemblance.
Gavin Butler
News of Zealand

New Zealand Can't Get Enough of the 'Unruly Tourists' Terrorizing the Land

Our media has basically devolved into a demonic holiday scrapbook of the British family’s trip.
Zoe Madden-Smith

Searching for Thailand's Grimmest Good Luck Charm

After hearing rumors of Thai monks burning stillborn babies for luck, I went on a journey to see if there was any truth to them.
Luke Williams
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An Incredibly Horny Dolphin Is Terrorizing Swimmers at a French Beach

The local mayor banned swimming after the animal started rubbing himself on kayaks.
Drew Schwartz