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Trump Phone Call to Duterte Left White House Staff ‘Genuinely Horrified’

The US President congratulated the Philippine President for an “unbelievable job on the drug problem,” a bloody drug war that has allegedly killed over 20,000 people.


North Korea Threatens to Resume Nuke Tests: "There's a Limit to Our Patience"

They claim last weekend's talks designed to kickstart stalled negotiations on denuclearization failed because the U.S. came to the table “empty-handed”


Researchers Find Unexpected White Blood Cells in Patients With Mysterious Vaping Illness

New studies show that a rare type of macrophage is tied to several patients who have come down with the mysterious illness.


Kim Jong Un Released Pictures of the “Super Powerful” Missiles He Fired as a “Solemn Warning”

South Korea officials believe they were similar to Russia’s Iskander missiles, which fly close to the ground before dropping at a 90-degree angle on their targets to avoid being intercepted.


The US Used Suspect Evidence to Push Young Bangladeshi Migrants Into Adult Detention

Immigration agencies moved dozens of people from children's facilities, sometimes using weak evidence, a VICE News investigation has found.


Here’s What You Need to Know About the Attempted Coup in Venezuela

The future of Venezuela could be determined in the next few days.


This Is Not Good News For Relations Between North and South Korea

Pyongyang is pulling out of the inter-Korean liaison office after new U.S. sanctions


A North Korean Refugee on His Escape From 'the Best Country in the World'

Escaping North Korea cost him five years of his life. Jun Heo now wants to tell the whole world his story.


Trump Calling Tim Cook 'Tim Apple' Inspired Some Truly Awful Dad Jokes

Trump will never recover from these groaners.


North Korean Defector Artist Sun Mu’s Lost Utopias

The former propaganda artist for the DPRK regime now lives in South Korea, after swimming to freedom in the 1990s.


Here Are Some Gross Emails Climate Scientists Have Got From Deniers

"How come know 1 has beat the livin piss out of you yet?"


Everything You Need to Know About What’s Happening In Venezuela

A 35-year-old politician has declared himself interim president.