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Inside France's First Mermen Competition

Just ten guys comfortable in their own fins.


The Tiananmen Square Protests Weren't What Everyone Thought They Were

On the 30th anniversary of Beijing's pro-democracy protests, Patrick Zachmann's photos capture what happened before the Tanks arrived.


Drug Dealers Tell Us How to Spot a Sucker

We asked a few drug dealers how they decide which customers they're going to scam.


We Spoke to Devastated Parisians About the Notre Dame Fire

Last night, thousands gathered near the cathedral to sing and watch centuries of history burn.


Deafened by the War on ISIS

Thousands of Iraqis, collateral victims of the war on the terrorist group, have found themselves left with war deafness that goes untreated.


We Talked to the Doctor Who Treats People Who Think They've Been Abducted by Aliens

Nicholas Dumont is the go-to psychologist for people who are certain they've met aliens.


Unearthed Photos of Paris's Trans Community in the 1970s

Photographer Jane Evelyn Atwood's latest book helps to rediscover Paris' energetic Pigalle district.


The Spanish Aristocrat Who Claims He Should Be the King of France

We headed out for a day with Louis “King Louis XX” Alphonse – a direct heir to the obviously defunct French throne – and his supporters.


How to Photograph Terrorism

Magnum photographer Peter van Agtmael's latest work is a collection of photos documenting the history of ISIS.


Pictures of the Most Beautiful Basketball Courts in the World

From New York and Kampala to Paris and Manila – photographer Kevin Couliau documented the planet's prettiest places to play basketball.


No One Does Kitsch Better than a French Casino

In rooms that are packed with fake plants and covered in Egyptian murals, consumers lose their bearings and make impulsive decisions.