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I Tried Japanese Bondage to Learn About the Beauty of Getting Tied Up

I also learned a lot about pain, bruising, and how much my shoulder can take before it dislocates.
Djanlissa Pringels

How I Accidentally Found Out My Dad Is Gay

I burst out crying—something I wish I hadn't done.
Julien Goyet

What It's Like to Run the Biggest Drug Encyclopedia in the World

Kenan Sulayman's website PsychonautWiki is an online resource for information on more than 300 hallucinogens.
Eric van den Berg

This Is What It's Like to Raise a Gender-Neutral Child

"When they hear you're pregnant, the first question people ask is whether it's a boy or a girl. Why is everyone so eager to figure out my child's genitals?"
Bo Hanna

This Woman Has Been on Vacation for Three Years

"I'm sure that everyone who is working away in an office, enviously looking at my Facebook albums, could live the exact same life. I don't understand why more people don't do what I do."
Erik Weijers

Just Some Great Photos of a Pagan Festival Where People Dress Up as Demons with Pigtails

At the Surva festival, Bulgarians don bear, demon and priest costumes to welcome spring and ward off the evil spirits of winter.
VICE Staff

The People Who Claim They're Allergic to Wifi

I spent a day with sufferers of "electromagnetic hypersensitivity" – individuals who say they suffer a range of physical symptoms when they're exposed to electronic radiation.
Tim Fraanje
beautiful people

Extremely Beautiful People Talk About What It's Like to Be Extremely Beautiful

"I've never had a proper job interview. I usually just have an informal chat and then get offered the job."
Lisa Lotens

This Guy Walks the Streets at Night Pimping Strangers' Rides with Cardboard

Armed with a few pieces of cardboard and masking tape, Max Siedentopf set out on the streets of Amsterdam looking for the most average cars he could find.
Photography by Max Siedentopf, Words by Twan Stoffels
10 Questions

10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Naturist

Ever wondered what it would be like to be naked all the time?
VICE Netherlands

How a Dutch Fertility Doctor Impregnated Patients with His Own Sperm

Dr Jan Karbaat secretly fathered at least 19 donor-conceived children in his own fertility clinic.
Ewout Lowie